(RESOLVED) [Bug] Sticky ALT key when alt-tabbing between clients

I’m experiencing an annoying issue when alt-tabbing between running clients. Alt-tab works fine, but the game window that gets focus acts as if the ALT key is being continuously pressed (i.e. Windows’ “sticky keys” feature).

This results in predictable, but unexpected behavior like activating the wrong modules, or making selections rather than moving the camera.

It appears this problem has occurred before, with CCP Snorlax applying a fix in Wine. Related post can be found here.

Additionally, posts from 2017 indicate this might be an issue with running clients in full-screen mode. A discussion of this (or similar) issue (with no resolution) can be found here.

Distro: Debian Sid (current as of this moment)
Architecture: x86_64

Client version: 1524599
Launcher version: 1514997
Launcher UI version: 6.1.9

Keyboard layout: Standard US 104-key QWERTY
Key affected: Left ALT

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Yep, I have this issue also on my Ubuntu installation and it is extremly annoying.

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I reported this a long time ago :slight_smile: we have no support.

I continually have to depress alt to make sure its released, and often Im also forced to click somewhere in space so it ‘sticks’, but I have to keep looking at my clients to make sure that LOOK AT is shown or I’ll activate something on the other client.

Alt tab is also a nightmare when using full screen clients, so I switched to fixed window for awhile untill I finally settled with window mode, but its very annoying indeed, but not new.


The big question is: Is this an EVE bug or is this a WINE bug.

I suppose it is rather a WINE bug. Therefore I have created a proper ticket at WineHQ:

Please feel free to add yourself to the CC List to get informed about the bug progress or to comment on it.

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If you are running on Ubuntu’s now default desktop GNOME, you can use Super+` to switch between windows of the same application. So multiple EVE clients would cycle but you never see your browser or whatever while going through all your clients.

In Wine 4.11 this issue is partially fixed. As long you use in Ubuntu ALT+TAB to switch away from EVE and then again ALT+TAB to switch back everything is fine.
Just don’t switch back to EVE by pointing with the mouse into the EVE window.

This issue is fixed for me with wine 4.12.

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The linux launcher seems to be still using 4.11. Here’s a workaround:

In a terminal window run the following command:

xdotool search --name "EVE - " behave %@ mouse-leave keyup Alt keyup Ctrl keyup Shift
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This issue is fixed for me with wine 4.12.

Here’s a workaround

Workaround seems to work for me using the official launcher bundle, at least well enough. I’m very happy to see this has been fixed in upstream Wine.

Thank you for reporting, @Meditril.

I’m gonna call this [Resolved].

In a recent eve update, this has gotten substantially worse. I don’t know if they’re distributing 4.12 now. But…the client seems like it thinks ALL the modifier keys are down on initial startup. I have to hit ctrl/alt/shift/mod in succession for it to behave normally on startup. Worse, when a ship is in space and the mouse cursor leaves the window, often the ship will ignore its last command and start flying in a circle, “aligning to a point in space” (reagardless that the last command was something other than that). The blue line coming out of the ship indicating the direction constantly rotates every few seconds. The result is that the ship flies in a circle around the vertical axis, and ignores commands if the mouse cursor leaves the window.

I’ve found that clicking on the overview and holding the mouse cursor over the overview seems to cause the ship to behave normally.

This is unplayable…anyone else see this?

I’m going to investigate using the system wine instead of CCP’s wine now…

I just want to report I am seeing the exact same thing @Mobius_Chimera
Every time I switch windows I have to ctr/alt/shift to reset the states of those keys.

Hmmm… I am on Wine 4.14 and don’t have these kind of issues with my Ubuntu. What window mode are you using? I am using “Fixed Window”.

I have the sticky problem still nowadays in windowed mode, but also happens in fixed window. What I normally do is I click in overview or in space, and then I depress ALT one or two times untill it shows LOOK AT, otherwise, if you dscan pressing V… u get the stat page with your achievements ;( (I forget the name, that one that shows your name in the middle, and rings with the different things to do in the game).

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