Jumping in and out of Game

I’ve seen it done on the Youtube vids but can’t figure out how.
When I’m in the game and fitting or going over the map or other things there are times when I want to close the “game” window and go out to windows so I can reference UniWiki or Pyfa ship fitter or other such things. I see people doing it all the time in the Youtube vids but can’t figure out how they’re doing it. I know to go back in you just go down and click on the EVE button to go back to the game but I can’t figure out how get out of the game temporarily without have to log out.

You should be able to alt-tab between your various programs and the EVE client if you set your EVE client to Fixed Window (also sometimes called Borderless Window) mode in the graphics settings.


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Got it.

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Alt" Tab" there you can switch between what you have open is work fine if you dont want windows mod :slight_smile:

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