Game goes into alt-tab and cannot recover

I’m having this issues for quite some time now. Since I most of the time dual-box, both of my screens are in full windowed mode. However, quite a few times when I open the Settings window and proceed to change something and press close the game enters alt-tab mode and I cannot call it back. This sometimes also happens when I dont dual-box. The only solution to this problem is to close down the game and restart it. When I’m in fleet I usually dont even dare changing anything in settings not to have the game drop out.
Any ideea as why is this happening?
Running Win10, 16GB of DDR3, so a pretty stable PC with zero hardware issues otherwise.

Did you try to update graphics driver?
Also, do you use multiple monitors?
3rd, when EVE gets minimized and you can’t put it back up on screen, try this: With Alt+Tab set EVE as active window. Than try pressing one of these: Windows key + Left Shift + Left arrow or Windows key + Left Shift + Right arrow - maybe that command will put EVE back onto your screen.

VGA drivers always updated and yes I have 2 monitors. Simple alt-tab never helped bringing back the game but will try your option next time something like this happens.

Happened again when I wanted to close the Settings window. Windows key + … command didn’t help.

Well I don’t have any other ideas except to file a bug report. :sleepy:

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