Game goes into alt-tab and cannot recover

(Scootiesan) #1

I’m having this issues for quite some time now. Since I most of the time dual-box, both of my screens are in full windowed mode. However, quite a few times when I open the Settings window and proceed to change something and press close the game enters alt-tab mode and I cannot call it back. This sometimes also happens when I dont dual-box. The only solution to this problem is to close down the game and restart it. When I’m in fleet I usually dont even dare changing anything in settings not to have the game drop out.
Any ideea as why is this happening?
Running Win10, 16GB of DDR3, so a pretty stable PC with zero hardware issues otherwise.

(Ezra Endashi) #2

Did you try to update graphics driver?
Also, do you use multiple monitors?
3rd, when EVE gets minimized and you can’t put it back up on screen, try this: With Alt+Tab set EVE as active window. Than try pressing one of these: Windows key + Left Shift + Left arrow or Windows key + Left Shift + Right arrow - maybe that command will put EVE back onto your screen.

(Scootiesan) #3

VGA drivers always updated and yes I have 2 monitors. Simple alt-tab never helped bringing back the game but will try your option next time something like this happens.

(Scootiesan) #4

Happened again when I wanted to close the Settings window. Windows key + … command didn’t help.

(Ezra Endashi) #5

Well I don’t have any other ideas except to file a bug report. :sleepy: