Multiboxing/alt tab lag

I just came back to EVE and now I am getting a 2-3second lag after alttabbing out of EVE and then back in. If I check something in a browser or to change clients, I get a short but very noticeable lag. In the top left corner I can see the window trying to open, but it just hangs there for a few moments.

This is the same system, even the same install of EVE from before my break, the only difference is I’m now on a 1440p Gysnc monitor. This did not happen before on my old, crappy, very basic 1080p monitor. Video is not an issue, on a superclocked EVGA GTX 1080.

Would greatly appreciate any help as I basically cannot really dualbox like this.

Try to run EVE in Fixed Window mode, that should help with the alt tab delay.

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