Huge drop in framerate after Alt+Tab

I don’t see a post about this even though multiple people in game confirmed it for me. In Fullscreen mode, every time I Alt+Tab out of the game then Alt+Tab back in I drop to about 18 FPS, which is unplayable in EVE as I’m sure you all know. So far it does not happen in Fixed Window mode. Even though it’s playable in that mode, this is still a nasty bug that should be squashed. System details available on request.

For future reference, check known issues when there is a patch, as people will (and should) post in there, rather than creating a new thread. Anyway, I don’t know if it’s the same issue as you have, but there is a known issue and workaround. So check that out. And if it doesn’t apply to you, be sure to put a post in there and file a bug report.

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Since yesterday I got HUGE FPS Drops even when clicking in Space. Playing EvE on 2 diffrend PCs both got this issue. Really crasy it gets when Im in Space and trying to use Shortcuts with Mouseclicks… W+ Leftclicks FPS drops form 144 to 20… same with most of the Shortcuts… Q+LM, W+LM… its unplayable.
I didnt change ANYthing the last 15 days, no Windows Update, no Grafics not even change any eve setting. Yesterday something really bad happend. Oping Cargo Window in the Hanger FPS drops form 144 too 10. The InGameFPS Window is going nuts…

I came here after suffering a similar issue. When I tab out of the game in fullscreen, the fps drops from a capped 120 (monitor refresh rate) to what seems like a capped 50 and a greyed out color palette ingame. Updated drivers, no change. Reset launcher and game settings, no change. Doesn’t seem to be happening in other games.

Switching from interval 1 to interval immediate and then back seems to fix it, as does playing in fixed window. Not certain if it’s Eve or a Windows issue, was fine yesterday, broken today.

This week I noticed strange behavior with minimized EVE client. When I press alt + tab processor usage remains about 35% when client is minimized. When I press Windows button + D then Processor usage goes down to 5% when client is minimized. Here are also screenshots about this issue. I have Windows 7.


Adaptive sync (and freesync), disable it. For some reason with flexible window sizes, running multiple clients on a single monitor with adaptive sync turned on gives a persisting FPS drop sometimes when alt-tabbing that lasts until you restart clients.

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