CCP Anti Gank?

Alt/tab between logged in characters is now a five to ten second affair for me. Half of which is a black screen.

It’s bad enough as an industrialist, but the non bot multi-box gankers are in for a surprise, among other careers.


Is it just me? Working as intended? Apple update breaking Windows client?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.


[quote=“CCP_Leonidas, post:87, topic:332208”]
I can confirm that it takes longer to multi-task between fullscreen applications when the native resolution in-game is different from the resolution set in Windows. Unfortunately this is an issue with how Windows handles multi-tasking with different fullscreen resolutions.

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have you tried Fixed Window? For me, alt tabbing between full screen EVE clients has been impossible to use for many years now because the clients lag and have terrible performance. With Fixed Window, you have the benefits of fullscreen look and better performance.


The only thing changed between yesterday when everything was perfect, to today when it’s a total mess, is the update.

But, I’ll try futzing around with the settings once I’m done in game for the day.


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Obviously playing game “the right way” needed to be nerfed a bit.

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No graphics driver updates or anything? there was a nVidia update on the 12th which changed a bunch of things around for Windows 11 support including HDR changes and fullscreen handling.

Something different for me too. I tried;

  1. windowed, performance settings - initially a long black screen, but then was ok after the first couple of switches
  2. windowed, quality settings - same as above
  3. full screen, performance settings - same as above
  4. full screen, quality settings - I had to close the clients after trying to switch between them

Saw the same thing this morning. at least it didnt wipe my boot.ini

Changing from ‘full screen’ to ‘fixed window’ should solve this.

Happened to me years ago and the latest update seemed to reset all my settings. Had to rescale ui too.

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people actually play in full screen rather than fixed window?

I used to play full screen a long time ago until I noticed alt-tabbing is much smoother for fixed window.

That was the problem…sort of.

There was a reset to full screen. On one of my accts. ONE! The others were left as fixed window.

So it still looked like fixed window on the desk top but must have been a huge conflict once I opened the acct with full screen on top of it. Thus forcing it into the wonkyness I was getting.

Back to normal now.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Sounds like a hardware issue.

Apple. Half the power. Twice the price.

Probz missing that $1,000 monitor stand… smh.

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My rig has no delay.

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