Crashing on session change every second jump

A quick question - is anyone else crashing on every second session change when playing two clients? It seems to me EVE is practically unplayable for me atm because as soon as I log in a second client my other client crashes in about 20 to 30 seconds by any session change, including docking/undocking, jumping gate and sometimes even during longer jumps.

I have not been using the new forums so I’m just blasting this in the general section as I do not feel like familiarizing myself where goes what in the current iteration of forums.

You can’t log in an alpha together with another account. Are you sure both accounts are omega?

Oh yes. One has 6 month sub the other one has 1 year sub.

Nope, i never had such problems, try to contact the support.

Random thought, try disabling anti-aliasing on the Graphics tab in the Escape menu. CCP futzed something up and it is causing various issues.

Thank you. I will try that.

I quad box and have been having this issue for over a year. I’ve put in multiple tickets about the issue but it never gets resolved. Of my 4 accounts my main account always hangs 30-40 seconds on every change of state(Gates, Undocking/Docking, using the personal assets tab, Having my ship popped, having my pod popped). I was told to clean my bookmarks up. They have no clue nor is it a priority.

I was fine previously. But I got a new PC and did a clean install and now I am not fine at all. Same amount of bookmarks and all. Thing is EVE is literally unplayable for me like that.

Yes I do have a lot of bookmarks. No they are not up to be “cleared” I have worked hard to collect all the tacktical sets for the nearby three regions and some NPC regions in the south and the tactical bookmarks in various locations seeing regular action.

Previous machine was i7-3820 with AMD 390X gfx, new one is i7-6820hk with nvidia 1070 gfx (a laptop). I will try a bit later if I have the same issue with my spare rig (AMD 1055T with amd 7870 gfx).

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It seems I am stable on my old PC with 1055T and 7870 as the gfx card. Windows 8.1. Even when I remote desktop into it from my main PC it is stable although obviously frame rate rather sucks in remote desktop.

Unstable intel 6820hk, nvidia 1070, Win 10 Pro.

Did you by any chance receive a windows update to the Spectre / Meltdown issues ? Its causing a ton of issues on a ton of systems to the point that intel stopped pumping it out and no longer recommends installing the patches. Might want to check into that.

I have no clue TBH. I should have the security patched deferred for 14 days if I remember correct in the W10 side. For the Windows 8 system I just today installed the patches that were offered to it and it is stable as far as I can see. Then again as an AMD system these patches might not be relevant or do anything in particular in this system.

Cheking for W10 updates atm I have no updates on offer so maybe I already have the relevant patches installed. It’s a fresh machine so when I installed windows I already applied all the patches that were offered to me.

The “mess” with these security patches, if I remember correct was that they rendered some older AMD systems unbootable and is the reason they were pulled for a little bit while they look into it I think. I have not heard of any additional significant issues related to these - well other than the loss of performance depending on the system that is.

ive started having problems recently, thought it was my connection, after a few jumps I dc, undock run around, redock and station doesn’t load, market refuses to load and other things

For me EVE is still unplayable with my main PC. So I am letting some of my subs to lapse for time being because only way I can play is doing a remote desktop to another PC and … well … the experience of playing so is so crap that I usually end up firing up some other game that does work fine on my rig.

The instability has gotten for me to the point I can freeze out by just being in space for 20 to 30 seconds even without any session changes.

But the other PC I have is rock solid in this regard.

Have you double checked graphics driver and graphics driver settings? Reinstall DX and graph driver and see how it goes. It can’t possibly be anything else based on what you’ve said.

I have a small idea which might provide insight…If you play 2 clients and do the same things you do when it crashes could you go into the windows 10 task manager, then click on the performance tab and take a screen shot to link here?

I’m thinking your GPU will show some high utilisation when youre dual boxing, if this is the case its either the settings or the driver.

Also download a program called “Speccy” it measures the temp and all stats and info related to every piece of hardware on the machine. Have it running in the background while dual boxing and see if you can take screen shots to post here.


Personally, I think a laptop is not a good choice for a gaming rig. I have no idea how youre going to keep the GPU and the processor sufficiently cool.

Marketing laptops as gaming rigs is wrong and deceptive.

Probably aging GPU relative to the game performance, my laptop is a POS and has always consistently crashed due to graphics issues 5% of session changes.

Try turning off fast start on the Windows 10 system, it fixed a freezing problem for me after upgrading to 1709 - but my problem was once or twice a day and not Eve specific.

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