Client crash after 1-2 minutes - Client crashed with exitCode: -1073741819


client is crashing after 1-2 minutes after start without reason, i tried verify cache and permission fix, i tried with dx9 and dx11, i deleted everything and download again all 5-6 times but still same issue.

Any ideas ? I just got Omega and cant play … :frowning:

Hope you have better luck than me, been having the same issue a while now and after speaking to the gms apparently it’s a problem on my end which I doubt. At least I can log in sisi without issues :confused:

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Thats not cool :frowning:

Im on Win10 pc (i5 3570 , R9 280x, 8GB ram) , all drivers updated and all updates installed … It was working ok on my laptop but i sold it and now i need to play on the pc and i cant, whyyyyy

I think i found the issue … My CPU was overclocked, it is stable for days with Prime95 and all 30+ games i have tested, but with EVE it is causing issues, i returned the CPU to default and now im playing 2 hours withoit issue … So if you have oveclocked , try without it for this issue !

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