Eve minimizing computer restart required to do anything?

Hey guys so have an issue hat literally just started tonight. Got home from work turned my desktop on and loaded up eve. For the first 10 minutes or so everything was great. Then out of the middle of nowhere screen went black then game minimized itself. At this point not matter what I did I couldn’t get it back up. I could move my mouse but it doesn’t register if I click on anything. I can also alt tab and bring up task manager but then one task manager is up I can not click on anything to close it out. I have to power off my PC and reboot to get going again.

I have changed anything. Have not installed anything. Changed no setting in eve. Everything was working great last night. What is going on here I have to get my daily dose of eve in!?

Thanks for the help!

Hey there, I am not sure why you’re losing control of your mouse, but I would recommend using Eve in ‘Windowed Mode’. That fixes any sort of issues that I have had with the Eve client minimising to the desktop. Hopefully it will help with your issue as well.

To do so, open the ESC menu, go to display and look for ‘Full Screen or Windowed mode’ drop down box on the left.

I actually did this last night after I made the above post. It doesn’t minimize anymore but it the eve window will still go black momentarily and then come back. The entire time I was online last night and this morning it was doing this.

My major issue with this is I was running in Fullscreen mode with no issues then all the sudden last night it started doing this. And nothing has changed or been changed on my end. Coincidence that this starts after I buy PLEX.
It’s just frustrating and I would like to get the issue solved. I don’t have anything but a couple other games install on my Desktop. My desktop is strictly used for gaming.

The above issue with the eve window freezing then turning black then coming back on makes the game barely playable for me.

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