EVE failing to return properly from minimized

I’ve recently begun having a strange issue where if I minimize my EVE client, something strange happens to its resolution and it will not re-open. I can see in the window preview provided by Windows hovering over the icon in my taskbar that it looks weirdly stretched out, and while sound comes back, the window does not re-open and I’m forced to Force Quit the application. When I restart my client, my Display settings are always reset to 1024x700 at 100% UI scaling.

My display settings are usually set as Fixed Window, 2560x1440, 110% UI Scaling. I did recently upgrade to a new GTTX3070 and 1440p monitors, although everything was working fine until the update yesterday.

I’ve submitted a bug report, but figured I’d see if anyone here had any suggestions since this is really putting a damper on my ability to properly play.

have you tried to disable dx 12 in launcher?

Nope, but I can give that a try. It wasn’t happening with the initial swap to DX12, but I’ll see if that affects the problem.

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