Screen resolution resize to desktop resolution after minimize

I have desktop size 1980 and Eve at 2440.
Each time I minimize Eve for on the desktop, open a browser, etc,
when re-entering Eve, the resolution has resized to 1980 and I have to
manually resize to 2440 every time…
I don’t know if this is a bug or it is intended, but it’s an annoying behaviour at least…

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m on Win 10.
No other game behave in this manner…

Have you made sure that the game runs in “full screen” and not “full-screen windowed”?
If it’s in “full-screen windowed” then the resolution will revert to your desktop resolution if you start a browser or a multimedia program.
If it’s in “full screen” ( not “windowed” ) then the game shouldn’t revert to your desktop resolution. I may be totally wrong about that but that’s what I’ve observed for as long as I’ve had a PC and been playing games on it.

It’s full screen not windowed.

Okay… Try running from eve/bin/eve.exe instead of the launcher, as Administrator. Set scale and logoff, relog and see if that works.
Otherwise, someone more knowledgeable will have to help. I’m not a computer wiz, I just know enough to get my PC out of trouble until I have to call the neighbor over, lol.

lol, ty, I’ll try that out, not sure how to set stuff tho. Gotta have a look.

Good luck. Also, you could always contact CCP about it. They’ll have much better suggestions than the ones I gave you.
Enjoy your game.

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