Desktop Window Manager Crash

So up until now i’ve assumed this was a problem with my computer. however i’ve only had this happen in EVE…so starting to think its something with the EVE client.

i’ll be playing eve, usually in a fleet. when the screen goes black.

now when i say black, i don’t mean the eve client window only. i mean the entire screen. i can’t alt+tab or anything, the screen itself seems ot have crashed

Reliaiblity Monitor says Desktop Window Manager stopped working

i still have audio from mumble in the computer (though when i log in on my 2nd laptop, it doesn’t seem to have a problem. so it might have force logged me from the crashed screen laptop)

putting the computer to sleep(closing the lid, or pressing power button) doesn’t fix the issue. i have to hold down the power button to force a full restart to get the screen back.

don’t seem ot be getting this issue on my 2nd laptop…any idea what could be causing this?

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