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Hello everybody,

Since 3 or 4 months, I have the issue that my whole system crashes. I have a 8700k, 1080 TI, 32gig ram. Before that time, everything went well. I have 3 Screens connected and the temp of my GPU and CPU is fine. What happens is, that suddenly all my 3 screens go black, I hear a loud fan noise but my computer doesn’t totally crash. I can still hear my music, the voice comms and the eve sounds. Just my screens goes black and a loud fan noise (even tho the temp is OK). More ressource-eating games like Cyberpunk are running fine. It just happens when playing Eve

I installed different drivers, i completely reinstalled my computer too but still nothing. Half a year long, I could play eve without problems but since some months this happens 1-2 times a day.

Thanks for your hints and tipps

Maybe it is related, maybe not … I had a similar issue today with Eve just before downtime , like ~ 30 min before downtime. At first the game started to become laggy , I thought it had something to do with my internet connection , but the internet connection was fine . It got to a point when it all felt like playing in 10% TiDi , then after that the game just froze , the image froze and I had no control over the game anymore . My PC was responding fine and running normally in other applications when this happened, I had no choice but to just terminate the Eve process and restart the game . After this, it all worked normally again.
I guess you can try to run Eve with LogLite opened from the tools in the launcher and when it crashes again submit the report to CCP via ticket.

Thanks for the hint, but how sould I save the log file from “LogLite” when my screen goes black and I have to reboot my computer?:stuck_out_tongue:

I do not know if it saves it or not under those circumstances . Open a ticket under the technical department and see what they have to say .

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If your screens are going black it’s most likely a driver issue that is being triggered by EVE and or other applications running on your computer. Windows Event Viewer might provide more details on what could be causing the issue.

Updating or reinstalling your graphic driver might help.

Happens every time there’s ANY update, you can expect it for a while, once they get it working good they will update again and the whole thing starts again.

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