Eve online causing compter to shutdown

Since the update when i start the client, my computer loses all power when the character screen goes to load, some times it right as the game loads after you pick your character.

my client settings tend to recent, the log in movie replays since other settings have been changed back.

The computer is clean and isnt running hot, it doesnt matter rather i run eve right after start up, or ive been on another game all day and as soon as i switch to eve, the computer dies. its far from a potatoes aswell and didnt do this until after the update.

i fear im hitting some error when starting.

Edit: also when it doesnt crash, after the bulk files load i have a black screen.

I would suggest that either your PSU or your video card is on the way out - it will need more power to display the game graphics than it does for the desktop or loader.

ok if that is the case why can i play other games that actually cause my computer to work just fine? i play simcity, skylines, rome: total war and other on max graphics all day. also why wouldnt this happened before the expansion/patches and not the day of? Im currently playing this on an Asus Q551L thats only a few years old.

The past couple of days it would crash 3-4, after that i can be on eve all day no issues, a few of those times ive been on the game for a good amount of time before a crash randomly happened.

Update: i had to move my cache to be able to verify files, found a bunch of corrupted files, started the game and sat on a black screen after bulk files processing. restarted game with clear cache and the computer died.

So as of now i can play any other game but eve

Seems like some troubleshooting is required. I would suggest that you check a few things, seeing as your PC does a complete power down:

  • Power Supply:
    • Does it supply sufficient power to Motherboard/Graphics-card?
  • Graphics-card:
    • Does it receive enough power?
    • Is the driver updated to the latest version?
  • Harddrive:
    • Could there be one (1) or more bad sectors on your HDD, normally this would cause a BSoD.
  • Operating System:
    • Could there be some form of complication within the OS itself?

Have you checked your OS’s error logs for clues as to the cause of this sudden shutdown?

Yes its a new power supply.

It should as i can play other games.
Accoding to trying to update drivers, it is updated.

Could be, ill run a scandisk. Update: no errors found on a hdd scan.

that is what im thinking that something is conflicting.

no idea where error logs are located on windows 8. also os probably isnt up to date due to only internet is a 3rd world cellphone connection.

use the search tool (magnifying glass next to the start menu), in the process-bar, and search for “Event Logs” and you should get only 1 app, open that.

found the error logs.

All Critical errors listed is when the computer has been shut down in the crashes or power from the electric company here as failed.

I have found a number of errors in application hang up related to eve and systems shutdown that were unexpected. which are 12 today alone from me trying to long into eve compared to the couple of power outages i had last week.

I did find 1 thing odd, something doing with an Schannel that seems to be siding with the crashes, and i have a warning stating that my processors are being limited by firmware.

If you happen to have a spare PSU laying around somewhere, or perhaps know someone that does, you could try and swap out your PSU to see if this solves the issue.

I’ve also read on the internet that if CPU is overheating it could cause the PC to shutdown to protect the CPU from being damaged. This is nothing more than speculation and may not be the cause for your issue.

i dont know any one with a spare psu for the laptop, aswell as nothing is getting hot when i play eve. i play other games, but as soon as i start up eve now the whole system dies, which is why im sitting here scratching my head.

I’m a bit lost for reason as to why too. I’m 99.9% sure that it’s not the game’s fault. The usual suspects are usually PSU, Motherboard or CPU. As it’s a Laptop you’re gaming on it’s that much more complicated if it’s a power problem.

Do you mind sharing the make and model of your laptop?

Asus Q551L, i bought it in college a few years ago and moved to a 3rd world country. i have a nividia geforce video card or chipset? i7 processor. im going to go and run one of my other games max graphics, because even booting up eve min gfx died.

good news for you. it looks like you 2 are right that something physical is wrong. the stars have aligned at the time of the expansion and gave me the finger.

i hate this country.

went to start SImcity, computer died loading the city.

so if we are talking about the PSU are we talking about the adapter? which is warm but that is nothing new, or the actual power supply inside?

ill have to wait a few years if i manage to get back from the states before i can even attempt to replace parts much less a new computer.

If it were an issue with the adapter itself, you would not be able to recharge your PC or atleast it would take considerably longer than usual.

If you do not have a Temp monitoring program, I would suggest you download one (like SpeedFan v4.52), keep an eye on the tempatures (idle and load). Will help identify if it’s a heating issue.

If it’s a heating issue you could try cleaning the fan(s). To do this you need to:

  1. Shutdown PC
  2. Flip it over and remove the back cover covering the Fan, RAM, HDD etc.
  3. Use a vacuum cleaner to gently clean any dust particles that has gathered in the Fan and around the inside of PC and on the back cover.
  4. With everything clean put the laptop back together and power on, run a test or two while still monitoring the temps.

yeah already done the cleaning and nothing is hot to the touch except the area of where the heatsink vent is, which means its doing its job.

Speed fan is refusing to boot up as it quits responding.

I’m all out of idea :confused:

i got it working 1 time, it says my gpu and and Temp 1 are spiking. GPU on start up when i got eve running spiked to 61C just as i went from character screen to crash. my system is clean so it looks like Africa yet again does not agree with me having technology.

so either something is wrong, or even with 2 ceiling fans the sahara desert is too hot now to do any gaming

Blowing hot air on an even hotter electronic component doesn’t sound like it would work very well, lol :wink:

nothing i can do about that, electricity is too expensive here to run an AC. 2 ceiling fans going and a hot waterheater only when i need a show cost me 140 usd this month, an AC for even 6-8 hours when my wife is home runs me up to 240 a month. so if it is ambient heat than im done with gaming and this country.

anyways thanks for your help, i didnt have this issue last year, so after just coming back to eve after fixing internet issues now i have to leave due to hardware/overheat problems that cant be solved being unemployeed and the only jobs i can get even with my 3 degrees here will pay sub 1000 a month which isnt going to get me out.

we think its a gpu issue on my laptop with it dying.

I tried to be slick and transfer eve to an old vista machine but apparently i can no longer do that like i used to because now it needs special system files.

and downloading from scratch isnt an option over cellphone. the transfer i tried came out almost 17GBs so i could need to spend close to $50 to do that.

i tried to open several eve apps, the launcher says i need a msvcp120.dll. another told me another file.

Update: while trying to Frankenstein the client as im searching for missing files it looks for, eve client is pulling files it needs to boot from other games. 1 was a system files, 1 file was from the origin client folder, another file was from another game folder.