Graphic card is shuting down on eve (overheat)

Hello since the new patch , i’ve got some issue when i play eve by causing my graphic card to shutdown (the computer still working but only got a blackscreen and i must restart the computer when it’s happening…)
So it’s just impossible to do something even when i’m docked or doing some PI. I don’t know what to do until the next patch make crash the client when i’m undocking. I reduced the game client graphic etc and nothing work and when i’m playing Halo infinite or other game more powerfull i don’t have any issues

my configuration :
Windows 10 Professionnel ‎(X64)‎ 21H1
Intel Core i5 4460
16 go RAM DDR3
GC : Radeon RX 580 Series

I don’t know if there is a solution for this until wait the next patch … or a fix eventually

Thanks in advance and fly safe o7

EVE can be pretty crazy when it’s trying to render space station interiors. Frame limit it.
The game doesn’t need high framerates anyway, as the command rate is only 1 hertz.

Either limit through your driver, or use the clumsy in-game option (you can cook your videocard on setting 0; limit it to monitor refresh rates on default setting 1; or spare it on setting 2, which is half of the refresh rate).

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i’ve try it today , but change nothing too … so i’m going to wait another patch maybe it’s the issue

I would update the GC drivers and try again. It is not likely newer patches will fix your problem. Since no one else reported anything similar I think this may not even be a patch issue.

that’s what i’m thinking too i’ve change the thermical paste and update the driver this setup is older now , maybe it’s time too change :open_mouth:

I have recently upgraded from a gtx980. That card had been of running flat out and struggling to keep 60 frames on a 1080p monitor on mostly medium settings.

I checked and that card was 15-20% faster that what you are using.

Last three years Eve has gotten a lot prettier. Unfortunately just like pretty women, pretty games need expensive toys.

Based on my experience, I could see your card overheating trying keep up if you have air flow issues in your case or a compromised cooling solution on the card.

That’s the problem, you have a case.

Jury rig an open air frame.

For those more daring, mineral oil (remove moving parts first) sub (aquarium).

Who doesn’t liquid cool these days?

hum change some setting in the driver AMD and apparently it work so the issue seems resolve need play with low graphics now :frowning:
But i can dedock now !
thanks and fly safe o7

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