Eve graphics debugging

Are their any tools I can use for debugging eve graphics.

I have a problem with my new PC and eve the PC is a high end gaming system with 3080 ti graphics card.

Sometimes and I stress that it is a rare occurrence I can go for days with no issues when running eve the computer will freeze up and I need to reboot.

I am fairly sure this is something not playing ball with my gfx card settings and eve it hasn’t happened while running any other games.

My question is are there any logs or readings I can put up that will help me isolate the issue or have any other 3080 ti users experienced issues and can make any suggestions on fixing this.

Thanks in advance,

hope this is the right place for this.

sounds like a bad gpu… last year i was having that issue, my pc freezing up… turned out i had a bad gpu in my new pc…

Turn off OCing.

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Not all boards even from the same GPU vendor and board maker use the same memory batches so OCing can vary in milage depending on memory used in that batch.

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Also not all games use the same demand on GPU’s so OCing for one game won’t always work on others.

Neither the gpu or the cpu are overclocked as far as i am aware.

Try reseating the boards and cables?

but i would expect to see it present in other games then but this has only ever happened when running eve. That is my fall back and the system is under warrenty but would like to see if i can debug it further at a software level first

Check power draw and PSU rating?

eve was the main issue for me with my gpu, the other steam games i had, never presented issues… but my eve isn’t on steam either.

Try disabling the steam overlay?

Eve does take quite a big chunk of CPU over other games I have noticed since the year they upped the mininum shader versions.

Make a support ticket and ask the GM’s for help. They can figure out technical issues like this

I agree with other people that suggested a support ticket. It is the best place to start and let the GM’s help you track down the problem.

However, if Loglite is not able to capture the problem for them to see (if the problem is rare, as you said, and hard to re-create… or depending on how your computer freezes it may prevent logging of the last bit of important data)

In that case I would suggest the following if you want to reduce the load on your GPU to see if that is where the problem lies:

  • Switch off Anti-aliasing (ingame graphics settings)
  • Switch off Post-processing (ingame graphics settings)

With those 2 options switched off, your GPU will use less memory and less processing power. (compared to if they are switched on)

Another option:

  • Tick the DirectX9 box in the Eve Launcher options. (before the game starts)

DX9 runs quicker and lighter, and your GPU will be cooler too. You can use it to see if the change helps your game to be more stable.

The downside is you won’t have all the cool graphics effects.

(Please keep in mind if you choose DX9 for testing/debugging - CCP has just said that DX9 will be removed from Eve by Jan 2022.)

But at least it might help you to find the problem, or at least play the game longer :slight_smile:


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