BSOD, Eve Only

Hey everyone! Been dealing with BSOD’s but only in Eve.

32gb ddr5 ram
850w asus psu

Reinstalled all programs, drivers, windows, scanned and repaired all i could.
Does not happen in any other games, ive ran battlefield and other intensive games for hours, no over heating is occurring, no overclocks made.

Ive ran every different variation of the launcher, all settings changed, dx11/12, cannot figure this out.

Ill play for anywhere from 2-30 minutes and ill blue screen with critical process died as the error, ive reinstalled windows twice now, 60% of the time its a BSOD, 40% a black screen and restart.
Ive capped fps at monitor refresh rate.

Any one else having this occur?

Please and thank you for any insight!

Recommend opening a support ticket to troubleshoot with the tech GM’s →


Then attach the following to the support case:

and the output from:

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I wanted to make sure I updated this thread after resolving my issues.

It was either a dying Nvme drive or the port itself. The C-drive would fail or become disconnected, leaving windows and eve to hang in just the ram until it died. Not sure still why Eve caused the issue and no other games, but please, regardless of what your disk check programs say, in my case Samsung Magician, Try installing to a new disc both windows and eve, or try a new port. We’ve been stable since moving to a new drive in a lower port. Take care all! o7

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