Crashes related to graphics card driver

Hello people,
I’m facing an issue while playing Eve online. It seems that at times my computer crashes and gives me a blue screen and then goes on to restart. Sometimes the computer crashes and then restarts and sometimes the screen turns black and then resumes giving me a popup stating ‘‘Amd driver not found?’’ or something like that. ( I think it writes ‘‘failure to load driver’’). I don’t know what this issue is, my driver is up to date and hardware seems ok in order to play the game ( not brand new but ok).
Here are the specs:
CPU: Intel core 2 quad 2.83ghz
Ram: 8gb
GPU: Amd radeon 5800 hd series

I can’t upload the minidump file as it doesn’t let me to upload it. Thanks in advance!

I have having a similar issue. Launching EVE in DX9 mode has stopped the crashes for now while I wait for a fix.

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I recently encountered this problem as well with a new PC system build and by running the game in DirectX 9, the problem disappeared.

Hi guys,

I’m interested to find out what driver set might be causing this issue. Once we know what driver you’re using, then we can begin to investigate by trying to reproduce the issue in house and then identifying if the issue is with the EVE client, or with the driver itself.

If its possible, please do file a bug report from within the client, this can be done by using the F12 menu and selecting the “Report Bug” option. By doing this, we get a snap shot of your system information which could give us a clue as to where the issue might lay.

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