EVE Online having Huge Problems with Graphics


So recently, I’ve been playing EVE Online for a few days now, had no problems until today.

The client runs fine for a few minutes and then hangs, both monitors get weird tears and then the game starts lagging heavily. This is not due to my Windows installation as i’ve just now reinstalled the OS and am still experiencing this issue.

Any advice?

Everything alright with the hardware? Did you make sure you installed all the software and drivers back in place after reinstalling the OS? Cause it sounds to me that you either dun goofed something or the pc is screaming in pain and agony

I have no trouble running other games and it seems to be an isolated issue to EVE Online.

Hmn… Then I wouldn’t know, I can only suggest to maybe try reinstalling or clearing some cache files, someone more experienced with the situation might be more helpful than me

Might give some helpful info and a better description of the problem;

I’m using a Dual-Monitor Set up, Graphics Card is AMD Radeon R7 360 Series. I hadn’t had a problem with the game until today, as said in the original post.

I play the game for about 5 minutes, up to a point that both of my monitors lock up, screens start tearing up and EVE then proceeds to play on, but with heavy lag. This really messes up everything, including when I quit the game (If it doesn’t crash before). The only thing that fixes the lag is a system restart. I haven’t experienced this in any other game.

Oof, you know what you just reminded me with that AMD Radeon? I used to have that graphics card on my brand new gaming pc that I assembled, and the model I had was crap because it had a fabric flaw, it always overheated on games like HotS, Shadow of Mordor, anything that would start heating up the graphic card would just mess it up after a while, screen would turn to one colour with several vertical stripes of another colour, whatever I was doing only the music would play, no combat sound or anything and I had to force reboot my pc every time until to the point forcing the pc to reboot broke my power supply, ever since I got an Nvidia all my problems were gone… And a new power supply too…

Not saying its because of the AMD card you have, buuuuut by personal experience I just don’t like hearing that name in gaming.

I would assign the problem to that, but unfortunately, having the Graphics Card hot would give me problems in other games too.

As long as it doesn’t give problems then it should not be the issue, but I am no expert in the field tho, so Something is doing problems with your EvE.

Nobody has a clue on why this is an issue?

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Can you install a temp monitor, to keep an eye onthe card?

Again, it’s not the card. All other games work fine and have zero issues.

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