Choppy graphics?

Is anyone else experiencing very choppy graphics? This never happened to me before. It just started a couple days ago. Now the game is unplayable.


I wouldn’t say it’s unplayable but yes, I’ve started getting choppy graphics a few weeks ago.
Last year was the same around the same time but the problem went away within a few days.

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The problem went away. Last weekend I was able to log on and play normally. This past weekend, the problem was back. I even turned all graphics settings down as low as possible, but the graphics are still choppy and the cursor lags. For me, Eve is unplayable now.

Sometings to try

Turn on the resource caching
Reduce your graphics settings
Increase your priority of the exefile.exe
Check the circle on the neocom bar lower left is not spinning for resource downloading
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+M to show ping/fps/gpumemory etc

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Thank you very much. I will try those things.

Oh well. Nothing works. I suppose this is the end of the line for Eve and me.

Clear all cache files. My gpu will often get hosed and produce severe stuttering and input lag after x amount of updates without clearing cache.

If you think you cleared your cache-- think again. The in game buttons do not clear it all. If issues persist, google-fu for the old eve forums and various suggestions on which cache folders to destroy.

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Thank you very much! I cleared my cache and everything is fine again.

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I suggest verifying your cache every client patch update. It tends to find some files no longer needed. Also if you play with your settings.

That’s entirely a local issue… meaning it’s your rig/hardware.

Check for GPU driver updates.

Or turn it off

And lose performance.

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anyway, this is a discussion about videogame performance issues and how to solve them.

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