Game At Low FPS

For the last two days my game has been unable to get above 8 FPS for unknown reasons, even directly after login. It has played just fine until now with only minor frame drops when initiating combat then going back to normal. Every other game I’ve played runs smoothly and Eve seems to be the only one suffering from this lack of frames.

same here, CCP did something dumb again i guess

I noticed this after the patch was applied and I logged on. The resource fetch symbol was active a lot, and I mean a lot, during gameplay.

It may also explain a mystery where new channels have started attaching themselves to my overview window frame.

I restarted my computer and it seems to have fixed it, I still suffer from frame drops from time to time but they’re not nearly as bad

Restarting didn’t help
@CCP_Convict anything on this?

@CCP_Paragon ?

We did make graphical changes in a recent patch which has caused some people in very rare occasions to be having issues on their systems. This has primarily been on MAC but not exclusively.

As to what exactly is causing it, I unfortunately can’t take a guess without getting some more information.

I would recommend to put in a technical support ticket so they can go through the whole shabang with the diagnostics.

Hope that helps o7

Ah i see.
Winning EVE as it is unplayable

Bump. I am having these same issues. The game is unplayable, jumping around makes my head hurt watching the screen tearing…any updates @CCP_Paragon ??

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