Extreme network lag (Barely playable)?

Is there a big network issue right now? Everything takes ages to load and there are often minutes between actions, game seems very unstable.

I’m connecting over fibre internet from South Africa, not sure if that’s an issue? Everything else I play is fine.


Contacting Support is the best way to troubleshoot this sort of thing. It’s helpful if you include some Network Diagnostics as well when you open a ticket.

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I did, but they stopped responding, it’s fine, I’m tired too.

I see others experience these issues too, on reddit there’s a thread and they indicated it’s patch related.

Hope it gets sorted, strange paying $20pm for a game that constantly tries to tear itself apart.

Goodness… the lag ever since the last patch has been extreme. Almost after ever jumps there is a delay… trying launch the game via the client, just takes forever to login, getting stuck on authentication… and then it can’t find a connection… Or just disconnects out of the blue mid-game. I will take the time to work through the help files and contact support… but this needs urgent focus from CCP. The game can’t be this laggy, it just unplayable at moment…


I’m having similar lags, not even connecting (interruption between my computer and EVE servers, didn’t start happening until recently) and random connection drops.

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I went as far as to change my operating system to Ubuntu (The latest one), it’s actually much better now, something is up with Windows 10, while this is an extreme suggestion, if you have time on your hands and a big beard you might want to give Linux a shot.

I use multibox using POP-OS on a 7950X and it has been great up until the latest patch where suddenly CPU utilization has quadrupled ! Each acc used to use approx 6-7.5% (10 accs totaling approx 75% CPU) now it uses more CPU with 6 acc’s than it did before using 10 and fps has dropped from rock solid 60fps to 25-45fps !

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