Fps and lagging issues

Hi im having trouble with the game being jumpy and fraphics are flickering all over the screen. My pc plays eve just fine at my house no problems, i moved my pc to a neighbours while i dog sit and the game just goes haywire with graphic gliches and all sorts. I did the alt+ctrl+shift+m thingy and my fps is belliw 10 latency is high and when i click to top option for the graph the red and light blue line is above 1.2. Any ideas? Could it just be an internet issue. Im 99% sure it isnt graphic related due to it playing fine at home

What is the internet speed at your neighbors? Could be his internet is garbage.

When i download i max out at 4 mbps when i do a soeed test its bull cos its goes to 20mbps which im no where near getting. I just bever thougt low internet soeeds would have such an impact on the game. Even with minimum graphics the screen was going mental like graphic textures overlaping and flashing all over the show

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