Massive FPS drop after last patch

I’ve been happily running my EVE client on a low spec pc with all graphics setting down to low, effects off and sound off, getting a steady 60fps. Everything worked fine until the patch. After logging in I noticed my fps wouldn’t even reach 60fps while docked, which is ridiculous as there is not that much to render. Anyway after undocking with nothing in the view but my ship and a station I am presented with lousy 40fps. That’s not all, opening windows gradually reduces the fps with the map and solar map being the worst and having both of them open nets me 25fps. This is all on lowest possible settings.

Has anyone experienced this?

My PC is low spec with a dual core skylake 3.6ghz and an integrated intel 530.

TL;DR FPS used to be stable 60 before patch, after patch gets cut in more than half when undocked and every window open reduces FPS

The patch included a graphics update that may require resource retrieval to run for a bit (it’s a theory of mine anyways). I’ve noticed the icon spinning often after undocking, especially in the asteroid belts.

Bump! I have a 3080ti and i9-10900 and have always gotten 60-100fps no matter what…now i am dropping to 15-20 when undocking, jumping, and landing at a keepstar. Its painful to watch. I hope they fix this soon. Any updates?

The PhotonUI seems to run faster and smoother on interactions.

It’s either a real performance change, placibo or environmental.

Not sure if any performance related work was added to the PhotonUI update or it’s a byproduct of it.

Apparently they did some performance stuff previously, see Game At Low FPS - #7 by CCP_Paragon

Perhaps they changed the shaders?

Whatever was changed the game is broken now…ive been playing for years with absolutely no issues and always held Eve in the highest of regards when it comes to having a working product…i hope they can fix this soon or else they will be in the same category as every other sub par developer these days

I don’t think the issue is with your system although it may be time to upgrade from old unsupported Intel chip to NVIDIA-supported AMD and check your RAM. Also, 3.6ghz dual-core should be sufficient and although we have no info on your graphics card I think it’s an optimization issue on CCP’s side.
I have AMD 7800 Radeon dual-core processor 3.50ghz and only 8Gb RAM but it runs EVE smoothly 95% of the time. It’s no high-end pc but it runs games I didn’t expect it to run like Red Dead Redemption 2. Unfortunately, it won’t run Assassins Creed Valhalla but it’s no great loss come to think of it.
The game stutters bad on undock and in busy trade hubs and there’s some clipping issues sometimes but nothing to complain too much about in my case.
But the FPS drop is an issue for CCP to fix. Can’t ask players to buy a new pc just to play EVE or they won’t have much left to buy PLEX or one of those fitted-ship-included packs.

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Well, that’s a joke - They just obsoleted mine when they went to version 9 of DX? - I had to buy a new computer for that toon…

Eve is a “rolling release”, you have to keep up if you want to play. You can’t expect to play “rolling release” online games with non updating hardware. Eventually your hardware will drop out of the supported window (which is a moving window).

We’ve had 64-bit client, Shader Model 3.0 mininum update, DX9 pruned out, next up is end of life Windows releases being culled. The installer already has to install a backport of CRT from W10 (KB3118401).

Hold on, let me check the registration card lol.

I dug it out of the bin that my family dumps their old computers in when I started up that toon - that one had graphics on the motherboard and no expansion slots, so I was stuck - but luckily my wife bought me a new 'puter for Christmas so I was instantly back in business.

So, calm down capsuleer,
I was just commenting on the previous posters comment…

My oppologies. I could’ve sworn you had quoted and replied to me. My mistake.

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