2 fps after undocking

Basically the same issue as here: Game has only 1 fps after undocking and is unplayable
I have Windows 11, Ryzen 5 4600H, GTX 1650 Ti mobile, 16gb ram. I undock and have 1-2 fps for about 20 seconds, after that it goes back to 120 fps. I warp to the gate and get 1-2 fps for 5 seconds, then back to normal. I got in a 40 ships fleet - almost permanent 1-2 fps, fps goes back to normal after sitting in one place for about 5 minutes.
I believe it’s not graphics issue because fps drop is noticeable even in ctrl shift f9.
Is there really no fix other than downgrading to Windows 10?


2fps bump isn’t going to go far.

we can only hope!

Hit WIN+I, go to Display, then Graphics.

Find evefile.exe in the list and set it to High Performance. If it isn’t already in the list (it should be) you can search for it and add it.

Not sure if this will help but worth a shot.

I believe “high performance” option only makes certain applications to use dedicated graphics. My eve client is already running on dedicated graphics, so it didn’t do much (yeah, I’ve tried it anyway).
And as I said it’s most likely not a graphics issue. Fps drop still appears in ui-only mode.

And I found the problem.
When I’m not multiboxing I’m running Eve via Steam. I had Steam running in Windows 7 compatibility mode for a certain reason i shouldn’t mention. Disabling compatibility mode fixed the issue. No more stuttering in space whatsoever.

wish this was the problem for everyone. I dont run eve via steam i have a standalone version so not my fix but glad it is for you!

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