Performance after undockung (slideshow)


For about a week now I experienced performance issues upon undocking.
It probably has to do with the latest patch or the installation of the VANGUARD client.

It certainly is not a hardware problem.
The game’s graphics aren’t fancy enough to do any more than bore my rtx3060ti (n stuff).

Upon undocking I get what looks like single-digit fps.
I think this has to do with the overview list. When I chose a tab that doesn’t list other ships, the fps goes back to normal. It might be a coincidence but i thought i pointed that one out.

And no, its not a “he is in Jita thing”. This is in Jita with 50+ ships the same as in 0.7 space with 1-2 ships.
After that initial problem, the rest of the game works just fine. No matter the zoom or action (same ‘high settings’).

Unrelated but since I am here:
The game crashed once after closing my 2nd client. Performance wasn’t hindered at the time BUT!

EVERY SETTING WAS DELETED!! and i HATE IT. This happened like 6months ago too (after some street worker turned power off without warning anyone in the block)
There too my client lost ALL SETTINGS. Keybindings, graphics, UI… all!

I can talk of luck i got at least the overview saved the the rest CAN NOT BE SAVED- AND I HATE IT!
I can’t think of any other game i ever closed (violently) that pulled that kinda ■■■■. Honest.
Only Eve loses all data like its a case of amnesia…

Whatever TEMPORARY FILE you use to save those settings… FIX IT - CHANGE IT - I - DONT - CARE<.<
This really should be the last thing pissing of players… (saving and handing to other or restoring would be tits!)

Or just import those onto your SECOND client. Cause apparently 1 person needs to adjust his options 100 times for 100 accounts<.< REASONS! (again, cant think of a game that does that crap)



@ZombieFX are you using DX11 or DX12? You can see in-game via Control+F which will show platform:dx##. If using DX12, recommend falling back to DX11 using the launcher settings.

If this doesn’t help, then recommend opening a support ticket to troubleshoot with the tech GM’s →


Then attach the following to the support case:

and the output from:

Thanks for the advise i will try to check that one asap.
FPS throttling “none”.
Shader SM 3 0 depth

Though i already tested that it does not matter if ships are nearby or not and the overview does not cause the issue either.

The screen also keeps black unusually long before i see the hangar.
The hangar runs fine. The undock brakes down to low fps.

I feel like it has to do with the Vanguard installation or whatnot.
I will kill eve and try the good ol reinstallation and see what goes.

If its still broken: Eve online is broken
If it’s not broken: Vanguard killed my eve

couldn’t hurt to try disabling FSR as well

FSR was never on.
This isn’t a performance issue.

This is a “the game chokes on start” issue.
One i did not have - ever- until a week ago.

Its either a bad patch or Vanguard that overwrote some path.
I am not going down the rabbit hole on this one.

If Eve doesn’t work after that… well, thats a them problem.
I got Steam and many titles i yet have to play…

Sounds cocky but I gave up on solving other peoples problems and live happier :slight_smile:

I will tell ja after a total wipe and reinstall if that solved anything or not.

Corp people said the NEW LAUNCHER causes problems.
Plus: its slower for them too. Loading and changing ships gives ‘session timers’

Deleted Vanguard and Eve (all filles i could find too)
Reinstalled it with the new launcher and started.

Now it does NOT choke at start.
So it was part of Vanguar and/or the new client doesn’t like the old one.

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