Performance issues

Every time I log onto eve, for the first few minutes everything is so choppy, laggy and slow. DX12 is turned off. This has been a relatively recent occurance, not sure what is causing it, any ideas on what I should look at?


I have the same experience, in particular when I undock. Loading these “improved” background nebulae takes a huge toll on the drive and gfx card. You could try and lower the graphics settings, in particular Texture Quality to medium, or Shaders. Or do what Hilmar wants you to do and upgrade your computer with a better gfx card and put EVE on an M.2 SSD.

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Try forcing vsynch in your video drivers, see if that helps.

Same here. It’s bad on undock… like, horribly bad.

Then all the single-click items become double-click for the rest of the playthrough so there is a problem with the UI and I log off for the day when I get tired of double-clicking everything for two hours.

Ill give that a try @Aisha_Katalen thanks

Where in the Drivers screen is that setting?

Same here. I undock and I get the sound go like some shuffly hihat from a trance tune, along with the visuals going all choppy. Not the sort of thing you want undocking from Jita, which is laggy enough as it is. Couldn’t pick a worse moment for the system to start downloading textures, etc…why can’t it do all that before undocking.

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The first undock is usually the worst. So what I do is undock in a shuttle, warp to another station close by in the same system, and then back again. The next undock is usually a lot faster.

Depends on if you have amd or nvidia. Just google it.

It traditionally has been, but since the update to the nebulae it has become a lot worse.

What kind of potatoes are you trying to run this game on?

The kind of potato that has been running EVE fine for the last half a decade.

Yes yes, I know it’s about time I get an upgrade.

Anyway, same problems here: after the first undock I cannot do anything for a minute while the game is choppy, laggy and slow while it loads assets, stations and whatever. If I’m lucky I can stop my ship in that time before it gets out of tether.

Then I wait until the choppiness is finished, so I can finally start playing.

It might be a system issue but had you tried all possible options with your current setup?

I am still on the same i7-6800k 32gb GTX1070 using tripple monitor and every game client can run at high settings except Anti-Alising is at medium I built this retro pc back in mid 2016

Run with Dx12 + Download full eve game client + Enable hardware rendering.

Window mode for all and make the active window full screen as per the screenshot (live btw and had to hide my alts)

2017 AMD A10-7800 Radeon R7, 12 Computer Cores 4C+8G 3.50GHz 8GB RAM Win64
It’s already 5 years old. Time to think about getting a newer tower with at least 24GB of RAM but will it stop the choppiness and stutter?

My potato is classed as a sweet potato and each morning it starts and each night it stops.

A few years back when the new line of Ryron Cpu’s made the headlines I kind of wished for a brownout and to try and force me to replace mine with something from that new generation of gaming pc’s.

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Turning off Asteroid Environments might also help. As far as I can tell it is about the environment effect that is present not just in belts but deadspace pockets and other locations as well, though not 100%, but whenever I have it turned on it impacts my performance considerably. Maybe it helps so worthy a try.

Projectile dysfunction?


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