Undocking Lag

Hey guys everytime i undock my game freezes for like 20 secs.
But just for the first time undock after logging in .
Already disabled Direct x 12 ,V-Sync other settings are on High and AMD FSR is disabled.
Im playing on Window mode with Wqhd Resolution.

Amd 5 3600
Asus B550 Board
Amd 6700xt
32GB DDR 4 3200

Graphics driver are updatet
Chipset Driver is updatet too

Anybody knows whats going on?

That is sort of normal behavior. Loading all the assets on grid causes the lag. If you play from an SSD, the lag becomes noticeably shorter or disappears completely if you use an M.2.

Im run it on a normal Sata II SSD .
Mabye its time to grab a 2 tb m.2 SSD next sale :slight_smile:

Might be an idea. I used to play EVE from an HDD and the lag was up to a minute of black screen. Then I got an M.2 and the lag became almost unnoticeable.

Yeah i think i will buy one on Prime summer days . SSD got really cheap at the last 6 months :D.
Didint really noticed it last year. Did they changed something at the last 8 months?

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