Performance issues

When I first log on, be and undock, everything grind to a half like I am playing the game on a 1980 era PC with 4gb RAM it is jerky and unresponsive for a few minutes. I have 32gb of RAM and a Radeon 6660 graphics card, i know not the best but should be able to run 2 clients.

these are my graphics settings, what can i lose/turn down that doesnt impact visuals that much but gives a performance boost

If you have a decent PC (so not from the dark ages) it’s generally more of an overhead problem. Did you allow it to download the full client, are you on an SSD, is your windows not a massive mess, did you update your chipset, soundcard and video drivers.

With a card like yours it should be just fine, it’s not the card.

For me, it was a slow hdd. It was obvious when looking at the task manager performance. Any disk intensive activity, like loading graphical assets when first undocking in EVE, would pin my disk usage to 100% and slow down everything on the PC.

I got an SSD this past week and it solved the problem in my case. YMMV.

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Windows 10 Pro, generally looked after, not tons of crap on the machine
Ful client downloaded
DX12 disabled
to be fair not on an SSD, it is a western digital (apparently a WDS250G2XOC)
as far as I am aware the chipset is the latest I can get, I think i used the drivers update thing from CCleaner)
Graphics card drivers are the latest
after 2 or 3 minutes of terrible shanky performance it sorts itelsef out and runs fine

Then do what Delvin said, have task manager open and see what maxes out in that situation. Should give you a better idea.

Its probably the standard HD. SSD are not expensive now and even a SATA one would provide an enormous jump in performance.

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