FPS Drops With Gate Jumps / Cynos

In Summary;

The Issue(s);

  • When jumping through gates/bridges or coming out of warp onto a new grid. The severity is directly linked to the number of other players on grids.
    FPS crashes. It drops to 0 and then ramps back up to normal after 5-10 secs.
  • When sitting on busy stargates eg/ Jita/Perimeter
    FPS can be seen to drop/trough/stutter every time another player either warps on grid or jumps through gate.

Bonus Information
I’ve established that the fault is client related.
I can have 3 clients rendering at once (windowed mode). Lets call them A, B & C.
I can recreate the bug on client A, e.g. join a 30 man gang and jump through a few gates with fleet.
When the bug is recreated, client A freezes / stutters etc.
However client B & C remain unaffected.
I can also recreate the bug on client B and client A & C remain uneffected etc. eetc.

When did it start?

  • Mid Feb after the new jump animation?

My Rig?

  • Ryzen 5 2600
  • 16GB single channel RAM
  • GTX 950
  • 250GB SSD

What have I done to try resolve the issue?

  • uninstall & reinstall EVE
  • reduce graphics settings in eve to minimum
  • tried with both enabled/disabled cache button above graphics settings (texture, shading LOD etc)
  • Locked my gpu to 60 fps
  • Cleared all client cache
  • cleared my GPU cache and various windows cache
  • flushed DNS & ip etc etc
  • uninstalled GPU driver with DDU and tried an older version from a time this issue didn’t exist.
  • Updated every other driver possible, bios, etc.
  • Ran HWMONITOR and nothing stands out on another other part of hardware apart from GPU utilization drops to 0 when replicating issue.
  • Does this happen with any other game? no

What have CCP done?

  • Ticket submitted
  • Loglite requested
  • ‘Nothing on loglite submitted could be causing the issues described, please submit a bug report’
  • Bug report has been open since mid March, no update received.
  • Second ticket submitted, GM although helpful exhausted his ‘available’ resolutions to try on my side.
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I am having the same issues. Even micro freezes.
My bet is on RAM as my NB only runs on 4gb. Might upgrade. The GPU and CPU are all doing fine.


Still no resolution.
I’ve checked my CPU, RAM, SSD & GPU during these episodes and they are all running fine. No spikes or anything. CPU is like 20%, RAM 30-40%, SSD 0%, GPU 30-40%.

I’ve noticed that even when I haven’t clicked jump, when my fleet mates are jumping the animations are also causing the FPS/Latency issues.
I can replicate this on the Perimeter or New Caldari gates in Jita.

This has all started around the time with the new jump animation.

I’ve disconnected my headset and also tried turning off all sounds but this doesn’t seem to change anything either.

TLDR FPS drops & latency spike around gates when others are jumping and when I am in the warp tunnel and also when I load the next sytsem.

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I got the same issue. Never had a problem like this before, it started with the new jump animation.

When people around you start to jump you get fps drops which feel like the game is stopping for half a second. As not all people in a fleet jump at the same time, it basically feels like a stop and go for like 5 seconds.

Same thing for me. It is really bad to know that when you need to jump, your FPS will jump up and down with you. I do hope this gets fixed soon.

When the issue started I initially thought it was a GPU driver issue or windows 10 update as I hadn’t updated in a while.
Updating both of these didn’t resolve the issue.

Other things I’ve tried that haven’t worked

  • uninstall & reinstall EVE
  • reduce graphics settings in eve
  • tried with both enabled/disabled cache button above graphics settings (texture, shading LOD etc)
  • Locked my gpu to 60 fps
  • cleared my GPU cache and various windows cache
  • flushed DNS & ip etc etc

Then it isn’t a Windows problem because I’m still using Windows 8.1.

I wish this logic was true lol.

You could have Windows 7, 8 or 10 and still run into issues with certain updates causing issues with games.

I have automatic Windows Updates disabled on this computer, last Windows Update I downloaded was in December.

So I noticed tonight, that my gpu actually drops to 0% activity on task bar when jumping.

Anyone know what could cause this ?


Still unresolved.
After some back and forth on my ticket the GM asked for this to be passed to the designers via bug report.
Still waiting for a response.

The issue occurs when;

  • Someone else jumps through a bridge or gate
  • My client jumps through a bridge or gate
  • When loading a new grid, ie. after a gate/bridge jump or coming out of warp

While solo the effect is noticeable but not an inconvenience.
With a fleet the effect is magnified.

I’m almost certain its something to do with the client as I recently took part in a massive 500 man brawl and when on grid the game runs smooth.
As soon as you have to load a new grid, jump through a bridge/gate the stutter/fps drop/gpu activity 0%/freeze occurs.



Happens to me every time just as you describe. I haven’t been in a fleet for a while - I don’t recall if it was noticeably worse with more people but it’s plenty noticeable solo for me. I’ve just watched the jump animation on youtube just to confirm it’s actually capable of playing smoothly I’ve never once seen it play without stuttering. Same as you - tried various in-game graphic settings, windows settings, turning off all other programs etc. My specs are fine AFAIK (i7 CPU, GTX 1660, 16 GB RAM and windows 10) and I’ve had no issues with any other video, game or program - just Eve and just the new jump animation.

Posting here to reiterate the problem and because I’d love to hear if you get it resolved.

I’m hoping this is somehow related to the sound issues in the other thread.

Even though I play with audio disabled.

The Dev expects that fix this week to crossing fingers and toes that this is the cause. This bug is really taking the enjoyment out of fleeting up and playing with blues.

So the sound fix didn’t fix this problem.

Any DEV interest in this one at all?

I hope this issue gets worked out as it’s causing me loads of grief. I’m running nothing special and it’s a bit old now but I never had issue playing eve before. Came back from a year break and on coming back these frame dips are making it difficult in fleets.

I’m running an i7-3770k -16gb 1600mhz ram - gtx7704gb -SSD.

I realize that’s old hardware but I never got dips bellow 30fps before. and this exclusively happens at gates, when people are jumping and while in the warp animation, as well as loading grid. Needless to say, in large fleets anywhere near a gate this is game breaking. It also makes it so fights on gates are now hard to manually pilot while fighting. As I dip into the 20’s now, and I get as low as 3fps in jump situations like the ones listed above even in potato mode.

I’m glad this isn’t a just me thing. I was really hoping I didn’t need to get a new graphics card to handle this game, as those things are like unicorns right now. Plz fix this CCP


Seems for me the issue is lessening. Running the game on low/medium settings, with two clients. I no longer get the giant dips bellow 30fps for gate jumps and loading grid. There is still a slight dip in frames but no where near the amount I was seeing before. Though the jump animation does look like it’s stuttering or jumping rather then moving in a smooth animation.

I’ve updated the OP to clearly describe what the issue is and whats been done so far to try to resolve.

Hopefully this resonates with others a lot more easily than before.

And should also help for anyone, CCP included hat may be inclined to assist.