Game crashes frequently


Over the last week or so I’ve noticed a massive rise in game crashes.

This almost always happens when I’m looking at stuff out of game. This can be anything from EvEMon to Youtube to EvEUni website.

It seems to happen most when I’m entering/exiting warp or jumping. It has not happened at all when in a station.

I try to keep my task manager open and it seems my processor is at 99% when it happens.

Typically the game will run at 28-30% CPU and 40% memory.

My PC is a little old however this problem is new. I’ve been back in the game for 3-4 months now and it’s only started happening over the last few weeks.

Any ideas?

Maybe a re-install?

It’s a pain at the moment as I am running the SoE Epics and Cosmos’ and there is a lot of running around and it means that I have to sit in game and do nothing else… including reading abnout the next mission.


Sounds similar to what I’ve been experiencing

I’m 99% sure its something to do with EVE.
I’ve reinstalled everything apart from Windows and applied every tweak I can come across online and nothing seems to fix the problem.

I can sit on Jita/Perimeter gate with CTRL-F open and watch the dips every time some jumps in/out of system or warps to the gate.

Jumping through this gate in particular from either side brings my FPS to 0.
Almost like a crash.
And then it ramps back up again after a few seconds.

I’ve had the issue since the new jump animation patch.
Been living with it since.

Ticket was useless, they advised to report as a bug so the Game Designers pick it up and not the Devs.

I saw on one of the ‘talking in stations’ videos they were talking about CCP bringing in a patch to stop games crashing when there was a massive spike on CPU for no obvious reasons.

maybe it’s that.

Glad I’m not the only one having this same issue.

Play with 3-4 clients open, do my scanning/hunting for a while, and then at an arbitrary point in time between 30min-4hrs into my session, as I’m tabbing back and forth, the entire system just freezes up. No way to bring up task manager or ctrl-alt-del, because my screen looks like a screenshot.

Hopefully they fix it some day, until then… I’m not sure how I can deal with resetting my UI twice a day.