Problem with glitches/artifacts on screen

Hello, im having major issues with glitches and artifacts on screen. They seem to appear out of nowhere. Wondering if anyone else have similar issues. Added image to show how it appears. The only thing that works is restarting the game


Oh wow.

Have you checked the connection between monitor and computer? Is the graphic driver up to date? Does it happen only with Eve or other applications as well?
Might be the monitor as well. If you have a replacement screen try that one to rule out it’s a problem of the screen.

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I think the connection is good. It happens on idle with no moving on the cable. The graphics driver is up to da. It only happens with eve online, i tried with a replacement screen also. Hoping its not the graphics card thats a problem with

Have you tried running the client with different settings in the launcher?
Like enabling/disabling DX9 or 64bit?
There are some more options that look like it’s worth to play around with.

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I haven’t tried that yet. didnt know about those settings. I’l test for a bit and see if it appears

Disabling DX9 seemed to have resolved this. Thanks for the help @Nora_Maldoran . Having these appear during pvp has been real annoying

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That looks like a heat problem on the video RAM or someone using very cheap video filters on the card to maximize profit.

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Gpu usage on rest should reveal this? I have a little bit usage on dedicated GPU memory on rest. About 5% of 6GB

searching for artifacts… truly crazy time

No, I am afraid it won’t. But I have seen those artifacts before, 1999 to be exact. When I working at my second job I had this Radeon graphics card which had a false bios setting, so the memory chips were overclocked above any healthy specification and I got reprimanded for looking into it with the tools that I had.
My boss at the time was upset that I figured it out with less than 1 year of experience and with a game no less - was UnReal Tournament (1).
So it can either be a bad memory cell, a memory cell which is beyond a healthy amount of overclocking, resulting in overheating and those artifacts.

Unfortunately I don’t know of any software which would allow to test the video RAM. You may have to go to your vendor for warranty.

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There are stress tests for graphics cards like FurMark. My first thought when looking at the image was overheating. Eve doesn’t work the GPU as hard as some other games but you may want to check the cooling on your graphics card - a can of compressed air to blow the dust out may be all it needs.

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I did some stress test without issues. Card nearly hit max temperature with fans running at 97% capacity. I did some benchmarks score and the score was about 16% percent higher then the average for my card. Dont know if any of this means anything

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