Why is my video card close to melting

when eve is rendering mostly empty space and a gate?? ?
When is a fix to expect? This is really annoying.
Not even Overwatch strains at my video card so much like eve showing basically nothing but nebulas.

It’s not doing that for me, nor have I heard any other complaints.

If you want to report a bug properly, do it from inside the game so they can collect the data they need to actually look at the issue. With no details nor context for the problem, there isn’t a chance in hell of actually solving it.

Also, EVE has a wide range of graphics quality settings. You could always try lowering it if your hardware can’t handle the current level.

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Try the older DX

I have a 4 year old GTX-770 that comfortably drives 3 2K monitors at maximum settings using DX-11. I don’t know what’s causing your problem, but I don’t think the Eve client is responsible.

Just a random thought. What is the “Adapter Present Interval” (v-sync) setting set to? If it’s at “Interval immediate” (v-sync off) then the FPS will be unlimited and just consume as much GPU/CPU resources as are available.

Since ccp started to screw with chat I now get Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered I googled it and found heaps of people having issues just with eve online. I guess ccp screwed up some code again.

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