Artifact glitches


For some reason over the course of the days i have been getting red blue green big boxes flashing on screen while warping and today it got really bad like this guys issue

he says he resolved it by disabling directx9 but i cant find a way to do it?

anyone else has this issue and if so how did you resolve it?


If this wont help. Good idea is to assume that your gpu might be dying.

I went into settings and set it to hardware render and also disabled post processing and all has been fine since and not only that it dropped my gpu temp by 20c


That didn’t last long as errors were back

after more testing it seems the issue has been narrowed down to the gpu memory clock.

If I run it at its default 5500mhz errors start popping up , if i underclock it to -500 aka 5000mhz all is fine as soon as i increase anything above from 5000 same issue.

Msi after burner shows default clock of 5500mhz with amended 5000mhz
while gpuz shows default clock of 1375.2 with amended clock of 1250.2

Ran a stress test for 2 hours on 5000mhz not one error or issue popped up.

anyone else had issues like this. this all started after the update to the latest NVidia drivers 461.72…before that it was all fine no issues. I also noticed after the latest Nvidia driver update it was overheating way more.

and now no matter what driver i roll back to issue remains.


It sounds like your GPU is overheating. This is caused by heatsinks getting clogged with dust and thermal paste losing it’s thermal conductivity as it gets old and dries out. You can blow out the heatsink with some compressed air. Here’s a video for replacing your thermal paste.

  • Electrostatic discharge can kill computer parts, but you don’t need to be stupid paranoid about it, and you don’t need an ESD wrist strap. Ground yourself out by touching a screw on your PSU, and grab printed circuit board by the edges.
  • You can use paper towels and rubbing alcohol. Don’t need a lint free cloth and thermal paste remover.
  • Oh, and in case you come across it -I do not recommend liquid metal. It has really good temps, but is electrically conductive, has a shorter lifespan, is more expensive, and not needed if you aren’t overclocking.


I have done all that cleaned and replaced gpu and cpu thermal paste but still issue remains. GPU temps are not going above 65c to 70c.

Could i try replacing the thermal pads on the memory chips?

I have heard there has been a micron memory issue that has been used on rtx 2080’s and other people have had this issue aswell.

There was a youtuber who explains this whole issue in detail here, this is exactly what’s happening to me


Damn. Okay. I would try RMA’ing the card as their is a good chance it’s still under warranty. If you can’t do that, you can try doing what the guy in the video did, and reducing the memory clock speed. I don’t know if replacing the thermal pads for the memory will work, because the might not actually be bad. According to Tom’s hardware, the memory could be overheating due to how the card was designed. So, might have better luck ensuring good airflow through the case. Blow out the whole case and clean any dust filters if you haven’t done so already. Consider mounting an additional intake fan on the front of the computer, or the side panel if it supports. If you feel comfortable doing a case mod, you can add side fan to a case that doesn’t already support it.

Anyway, graphics cards often have a 3 year warranty, so there’s a good chance that your card is still covered. However, the fact that you replaced the thermal paste may cause you problems. So do not tell them that you replaced the thermal paste. If you’re lucky, they won’t even care (depends on the brand). But if they do give you ■■■■, lie, deny, and counter-accuse. You tell them that you never did anything to that card, and accuse them of trying to wiggle out of their warranty (which they are trying to do if they’re trying to not replace a card with a known defect just because someone replaced the thermal paste).

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