Graphics flickering and color shifting

So when i try togo with quality settings, i get some weird color flickering on any physical objec tin space.

when i turn post processing to low, and shader quality to medium, the issue almost goes away.

what can i try to resolve this issue?

AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX with Radeon 6800M graphics card

The first thing I would check would be to see if your GPU is overheating. Use HWMonitor to see what kind of temps your GPU is getting up to.

Ugh, I’m having problems finding out what the maximum safe temp of that particular GPU is, but the max temp for the RX 6800 is 100 degrees Celsius. So, if you’re in that ballpark, that would be a good sign. Another good sign would be if the graphics anomalies happen whenever the GPU is on the hotter side, including when playing other games.

Regardless, the first thing to try is relatively easy. Use a compressor or a can of compressed air to blow out the vents. Some laptops may even have access panels that will allow you to access the heat sink and fans.


If that doesn’t work, then you’ll probably need to replace the thermal paste between the GPU and it’s heat sink (thermal paste will lose it’s thermal conductivity as it gets older). Now, that job might be easy, or a PITA depending on your laptop. Best case scenario, you have an access panel on the bottom of your laptop. Worst case, you’ll have to take the thing damn near all the way apart.

Anyway, there are tons of video tutorials for replacing thermal paste, and you might be able to find a video for taking apart your specific laptop. And if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, then you’ll need to take it in to a computer repair shop (or ask a tech savvy friend).

this laptop is brand new, and i have no heat issues.

i can start eve client immediately after turning on and have this issue

Well, the fact that it is new would lead me to check elsewhere first. However, I wouldn’t rule out heat issues unless you’ve actually checked. Plenty of computers and components can get designed with issues, such as cases and laptops computers with poor airflow. Moreover, I’ve seen build quality issues. Poorly applied thermal paste isn’t uncommon, and a coworker even once found a heatsink with the plastic cover still on it (which meant it was between the CPU and the heatsink). So, you might want to check HWMonitor regardless.

That being said, the thing I would check first as a newbuild would be the graphics card drivers. Use DDU to uninstall the old driver, and be sure to click the check box that prevents Windows from automatically installing a generic driver. Then install the latest one direct from AMD.

You can also try searching for your particular model to see if anyone else is experiencing similar issues.

If you can, check to see if you’re having issues in any other games, as that might help us to determine where the problem is.

I’ve heard that updating the BIOS can sometimes fix issues, but that’s also a little more in-depth. So, you might want to hold off on that one until you’re desperate.

Finally, I have found some threads complaining of various graphics issues in windows 11. So, make sure to run windows update.

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