Closed down unexpectedly

I am having this problem and just the game close in less 3 minutes whatever i am doing (docked, mining etc).

But problem hardest when i access Planetary production.

Sometimes i didnt get login and the same msg appear.

Today happening more than 20 times. Impossible play like that.

I checked the integrity of the files 2 times.
When I put the graphic settings in the medium it improves but keeps closing.
I already checked temperature and drives. I’m using windows 10 updated. My GPU card is a rx580 and I have 12gb of ram with core i5 3570k (quad core).

i restarted my PC and keep closing.

I need help, or i just can play

ps: if i use texture in High the game close down more fast

First thing I’d do is run a memory-checking diagnostic.

that, I 100% guarantee you, is a graphics card problem.

This makes me suspect overheating. In case you don’t know, computers and heatsinks can get clogged with dust, and thermal paste can dry out over time, thereby reducing it’s thermal conductivity.

Please download HWMonitor, and run it while playing the game. You will specifically want to look at your GPU temp. Apparently the card will start to throttle around the 82-85 degrees celsius mark, so if you see temps near or above that, you definitely have an overheating problem. If your max temps stay around 70 or below, then overheating probably isn’t the issue, and you should look at investigating other culprits.

Anyway, if it does look it’s overheating, the first and easiest step would be to unplug the computer and then use some canned air or a compressor to blow the dust out of the computer. Make sure to get all the fans, the heatsinks, and the PSU while you’re at it.

If that still doesn’t solve the problem, then you’ll probably need to replace the thermal paste. Now, replacing the thermal past isn’t terribly difficult, but it does require some care. You can find tutorial videos on how to do this, but I do want to point out a few things that videos might not mention.

  • First, electrostatic discharge can damage components. You don’t need to buy any special equipment, just don’t wear polyester or wool, wear your shoes, and touch the metal on your case after doing anything that might generate static electricity (like moving around a bunch). You should also try to grab PCB by the edges, and put the card on the box if you still have it.
  • Second, look for any small round stickers on the screws holding the heatsink/heatshroud in place. Hardware manufacturers will sometimes void warranties if they have been removed. So if your card is still under warranty, carefully remove these stickers and set them aside.
  • Be sure to clean off the old thermal paste. Thermal paste cleaner is the best, but isoprophyl alcohol works well enough.
  • Fourth, liquid metal is the new hotness. It does have exceptionally good thermal conductivity, but it is also more expensive, electrically conductive (which increases the risk of shorts), and seems to have a shorter lifespan than regular thermal paste. Thus, I think it’s best reserved for serious overclockers.

This bundle includes cleaner, Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste, and an ESD wrist strap for 14 bucks, so it’s a pretty good value (use paper towels for cleaning the old paste).

If you want to spend as little as possible, look for a paste in the 7-10 USD range. Arctic Silver 5, Noctua NT-HI, and Arctic MX-2 all offer excellent price to performance ratios.

Finally, be sure to tell us how you fixed the problem. Might help the next guy with the same issue.

Hi, thank you very much for instructions and for wrote about it.

Sometimes i get login and close before get in, kkk.

I will try to do.

Solved guys: Was temperature, is specific my mother board, because i was running in max performance so my i5 was running in 4.2 gh and your stock is 3.6 GH. The mother board cant give energy enought without burn the mosfet and capacitor.

The game now is running ok.

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