Graphics card crashing on gate jump

Hey, I’ve never had this problem before. I’ve recently built a new computer, but kept the GPU from my old computer since it was working fine.

The problem I have is when i jump a gate, my GPU crashes. Through experimentation, I’ve narrowed it down to a problem with the shader and DirectX 10 interacting with the invisibility granted by the gate. If I’m zoomed out enough from my ship that it only renders very little of the ship and the cloak animation, then there’s no problem, but if I zoom in before the gate cloak has dropped, then the card crashes. When I enable running the client in DirectX 9, I don’t have the problem at all.

The strange thing about it to me is that until recently, I wasn’t having this problem. Eve was able to run on my computer just fine. I’d say this started maybe a month ago. I’ve updated my drivers, but it doesn’t help.

Edit: Also crashes in places that have a lot of nebulas/dust.

GPU is AMD Radeon R7 200
CPU is Intel i7 8700 3.70GH

Possibly a problem with the GPU’s memory chips ?

The R7 200 series date back to 2013 and meets the minimum requirements but will probably run into trouble if you set the graphics settings too high - particularly texture quality, shadow quality and shader quality. Try dialing them back to low and, if that works increase to medium. The chip supports DX11 so you shouldn’t need to use the DX9 setting.

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