Just installed a Radeon RX560

I just installed a new Radeon RX560 in my custom i5 8400 build. Last year even modest Graphics card options were insane prices, but RRP now being a thing again, I bought this.

Anyway, after installation, Eve Online crashes my machine hard without even a blue screen. Like it’s crashing the GPU. Anyone know what to do? Other than run Eve again off my iGPU, heh? Where it worked flawlessly (graphically speaking, though low FPS of course).

Make sure drivers are up to date. Might want to verify that the motherboard can handle the card( compatible). I assume it can but does not hurt to check

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Do you have crashes in other games or benchmarks? If yes, than also check you PSU, maybe it is not powerful enough?

PS. Other thing to check is Windows Event viewer, check there if you can find errors wit EVE client or errors with graphics driver. That can show you direction, and pin point the source of the issue.

This is most likely due to your drivers.

AMD offers two drivers on their website: One is labeled as “Optional” and the other is not. Choose the non-optional driver, currently 18.5.1. The latest drivers are very unstable, so much so that 18.8.2 was an emergency release to kill 18.8.1 and people were told to downgrade their drivers while 18.8.2 was being released.

I suffered a lot of crashes on the non-stable drivers (RX 580 8GB). The latest stable drivers are pretty solid.

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Sounds like the gpu is getting too hot, grab open hardware monitor and see what your temp is while in game and active. You can manually ratchet up the gpu fan speed with OHM if need be, solved the issue for me (18.5.1 here as well).

You need to tell us when it crashes.
The moment. “it crashes” isn’t enough.

also important to check: Is your PSU really up for the task?
are you sure you’re running the game on the new gpu, not the igpu?
did you uninstall the old drivers properly?
is it overheating, by chance?
have you tried setting to it dx9?
have you tried disabling the integrated one in the bios?

so many things…

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