Eve online causing compter to shutdown

Did you try “Verify game files” after copying the game? maybe you could make the launcher download the missing files this way.

If the machine is possibly dying anyway, then it might be worth cracking the case open and checking that your heatsinks aren’t loose. It’s a laptop, and those things can suffer problems from vibration and jostling. Worst case, you can spend ten bucks on some arctic silver thermal compound and try resetting the heatsinks purely out of paranoia. Odds are you’d reduce your themal footprint while you happily void whatever’s left of your warranty because most manufacturers don’t use good thermal compound, so …that’s a plus and a minus which doesn’t sound like it can hurt much at this point.

i cant even get the launcher to open without that 120.dll file that i pulled from the other game its in. upon moving it, it doesnt detect the file so it refuses to open, and the repair tool just gives me the option to uninstall.

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