PC Crash during Game play

Has anyone else recently experienced random crashes? I am able to play for anywhere from 10-20 minutes before the pc shuts down. i have reviewed the windows log, there are errors in both system and app logs, but they are not restricted to the game play shut down. I submitted a ticket to EVE Support, and they essentially blew it off… I have had the pc up for 4 or 5 days without playing and no shutdown… i have used other apps, browsers, other online games… it only happens with EVE. I’ve run the DirectX diag tool…no issues, PC is Windows 7.,… know i need to move to 10…

anyone have any thoughts

Hi there,

I still believe this is an issue with your PSU. You should really have it checked out and make sure that it is providing enough power for your computer. I know of no reason for why a computer would shut down during game play other then hardware issues.

i have, i have verified i have sufficient power… i meet all the minimum AND recommended requirements to play the game. Again, i ask… explain why ONLY with EVE. It may well be my PC with specific needs for a specific driver, etc… but its specific to EVE… my son plays fortnight, overwatch and Star Wars, with NO issues, No crashes and he play for hours. Logically, if its my pc, it related to something specific to EVE… or it would crash at other times.

also, it only started happening 2 weeks ago… i have tried to roll back to previous restore…still happens

I’ve never seen a computer shout down because of an issue with a program, if the crash is because of a program it should be a blue screen or a computer restart, not a shut down. A shutdown usually means the bios is protecting the computer by shutting it down.

EVE uses a lot of CPU power and the processor does become hot for some users. Maybe it’s the CPU is overheating but I think, if I have the right ticket in mind, you already checked that and said it was not overheating.

If it is EVE related I can’t think of what else it could be other then overheating if PSU is not the issue. Another game that is CPU heavy is mine craft, you could try that one and see if the same issue occurs playing it.

i will have my son try minecraft.

I used to have this problem when I was broke and playing on a toaster. My two problems (one then another) were overheating, resulting in immediate shutdown (replace CPU fan, clean comp) and then power supply failure, again resulting in immediate shutdown (buy a new one they’re not expensive)

Not much I can think of that’s software related that would cause a complete sudden shutdown without a blue screen etc. I believe the GM is right and it’s a hardware problem.

yea… new power supply… cleaned fan… installed Temp monitor… no massive jumps. i know it makes sense that its hardware, but the inability to replicate outside of EVE game play has me frustrated

Maybe a diagnostic stress test? I think there are free ones you can download.

Try a good memory soak-test, flaky memory can cause all sorts of peculiar problems.

There are a number of applications that can be used to validate your hardware. You can get a 30 day evaluation for PassMark https://www.passmark.com/products/bit.htm
or give Prime95 a try https://www.mersenne.org/download/

I can’t recall seeing a software error that actually shuts a machine down - crashes, reboots, blue screens but not a shutdown, and it’s also unusual that it would be isolated to a single app. If the stress test comes back clean:

  • Is your system BIOS up to date?
  • Turn off startup items - see if that makes a difference
  • Drivers are unlikely to cause a shutdown but it can’t hurt to make sure you have the latest WHQL drivers
  • Reinstall Eve
  • Reimage system

Good luck.

so it gets even odder. Son played Minecraft for about 2 hours, no issues… downloaded passmark, ran and passed all 6 tests …no errors…i have checked drivers, all seem to be good. may spring for new processor fan…

I have a small, free utility called coretemp running minimized in my taskbar that monitors cpu temperatures - CPUZ is a more sophisticated tool popular with overclockers. I’d try monitoring your CPU temperature in realtime before investing in a new fan (unless the current one is noisy - make sure Noctua is on your short list)

Since the issue is isolated to Eve, it’s probably time to remove and reinstall the game.

:warning: Make sure to backup your settings and stuff beforehand! :warning:

Mal-code can occur, while CCP will probably always deny it, WiS launch, loads of graphics cards were dying. I monitored thermals, when ever I docked, avoided being in for too long. Finally decided that mine was fine, docked, went AFK for 10 minutes and lost my GTX 8800.

There is a similar bug in Wurm Online right now that slams the CPU whenever GLSL is enabled. Even with liquid cooling it will drive the CPU from 32C idle to 66C+ straight away.

@Gaacker_Nalelmir - Andy Virus the streamer on Twitch is having them. Haven’t seen him crash when playing Metro Redux.

I turned off the firewall in windows 10. The problem is gone for me now.

I’ve been getting these crashes/blue screens/shutdowns since the windows update last week, and know other players who have as well. only with eve running. Very strange and frustrating.

Hi Eve Online, On a similar theme to the experiences list in this blog, my PC keeps crashing as well. However, when I try to run Eve Online on my powerful laptop - it seems more stable.
I have tried to log a Support Ticket online to recover my Vagur, unfortunately I keep getting a TLS Certificate Out of Date … error and I cannot log a ticket. Other parts of Eve Online Website are ok.
Can someone help me?
Of course, I would have gone through the Support Site - if it would let me!

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