Blue Screens with Eve

Started getting issues on my PC with blue screens. For every day use it’s not too bad, might get 2 or 3 blue screens a week (Stop code 0x00000124, unfortunately this is a non specific error code which doesn’t help much either)

As soon as I run Eve I am getting 8 or 9 BSOD’s in an evening.

I have run all sorts of tests on my PC. Memory, gpu.cpu, hdd’s and all are coming back fine.
Have cleaned the inside (not that it was dusty anyway), re-seated cables and re-applied thermal paste to the cpu. Have also tried the PC with different gfx cards and still the same results.
Windows has also been reinstalled and all drivers are up to date.

Next path I guess is try a new motherboard and then PSU, failing that build a totally new PC.

Has anyone had this error repeatedly coming up ?
If so what was the way around it ?
Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.

Probably not helpful but (if you can) try swapping your memory chips/cards between motherboard sockets and see if the problem stops or changes. Memory tests don’t always pick up the really obscure faults.

Already done and also swapped out for totally different memory, still BSOD

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