Eve does not recover from idle after last patch

I’ve been playing in windowed mode for years, and after the last patch, EVE no longer recovers when the computer goes idle. Everything looks terrible and most of the 3d model basically doesn’t recover. The mouse doesn’t even align with the screen to exit properly. Help :frowning:

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Full screen mode?

I multibox or do other things.while playing, I really don’t want to use fullscreen.

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I play all the time, maybe I play different than you. I’m having a technical issue with Eve, which I’ve asked for help with, not your opinion on play styles.


Is your computer going into sleep or is the monitor turning off? I’d turn off sleep mode.

Monitor is turning off, but computer does not sleep.

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Launcher works but not the client. Havent logged to the game in a week. May be problem with the same update.

I started experiencing that issue just a little while ago today, thought it was a problem with my computer, had to restart my computer since I couldn’t log out of the game due to monitor being in sleep mode. I made sure my settings for sleep mode were off and then ran a diagnostics scan on the computer, found some slight security issues but nothing to do with this issue, did a repair anyway and rebooted my computer.

I logged back into the game and within 5 minutes my monitor went into sleep mode again. And just like before, I had to shut off my computer. I’ve never had this issue before and it’s definitely not my computer doing it. I decided to check this sub-forum to see if anybody else has experienced the same issue and had a workaround fix for it.

Strange thing about this is your thread was created 17 days ago and I’m experiencing the issue now.

I decided to verify all downloaded files in launcher (it removed 239 files) and tried it again. No difference, monitor still went into power save / sleep mode after 5 minutes. However the latest update once again reset all my client settings to default.

So I decided to try something different and kept my web browser open while logged in, so far it’s been over an hour and the game hasn’t put my monitor into sleep mode.

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Coming across this thread now, are you guys still experiencing this problem @DeMichael_Crimson @Jinx_De_Caire ?

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@DeMichael_Crimson @Jinx_De_Caire

First, I’d strongly recommend double-checking that you’re on the most recent graphics drivers for your systems. Out of date drivers can cause problems if we make changes that depend on manufacturers’ fixes you might have missed.

Second, for issues like this, it’s extremely helpful if you could submit an in-game bug report. If your issues are specific to your hardware or software configuration (and for this issue it looks like that may be the case) the in-game bug report tool sends us a package of information that can help us track that down. To get to it, press F12 or go to the Help menu, then click “Report Bug.”

If you have already submitted an in-game bug report, please let us know the EBR- number in this thread and we can look it up.


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Yes, my most recent experience was just last night a couple of hours before Downtime. I don’t remember if I had accidently closed my browser or not, I was really tired after spending a lot of time completing the Agency event points.

Yeah, I double checked and all my drivers are up to date.

When it happens there’s no way to submit an in-game bug report due to the monitor being in sleep mode. Can’t even exit the game or go to desktop, only option is to turn off the computer and then restart it… And then it takes the computer longer to restart, basically recovering from unexpected shutdown while having apps open.

I’m not a programmer, I’m just a user and it’s definitely frustrating when it happens, even more so for not knowing how to resolve the issue.

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Here’s what I’d suggest doing: Next time you have the problem (or next time you can induce the problem) go ahead and let the monitor go to sleep. Restart, then open Eve and immediately file an in-game bug report. We might be able to see the logging from your previous session with your report, but even if not, the hardware and software rundown of your machine will be super-helpful in tracking this down.

Also, it’s possible that different power settings or even a different monitor cable may solve this. If you search “monitor sleeps randomly” on Google, you’ll find various sites with instructions on how to adjust the power settings. I’m hesitant to link one directly because I’m not sure which advice is most accurate or comprehensive. (Even if you’re only seeing this problem in Eve, it could be something like an interaction between your power settings and what Eve is doing, so this might be a useful workaround.)

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Actually I think I found the cause of the problem.

I usually have Opera web browser open while logged into Eve due to having various Eve related sites bookmarked on that browser. I also have Firefox browser but that’s mainly used for Emails, FB, movies and general web searches.

So last night I had both browsers open while logged into the game, I went to access Opera browser to view 3rd party EveMarketer site (which I have always done in the past) and when I clicked on it, I heard a pop sound and then my monitor immediately went into power save / sleep mode.

I’ve noticed over the past few months that having Opera Browser open makes the game a bit sluggish which has gotten worse over time. I actually use to close Opera browser before jumping into combat situations for better performance.

Anyway, I once again had to shut off and restart the computer again due to monitor being in sleep mode. After restart I transferred some of the Eve bookmarked sites from Opera to Firefox, closed Opera and kept Firefox open and logged into the game. Everything seemed fine, had the game active for hours with browser active on various web sites, no sluggish response in-game and most importantly, the monitor didn’t go to sleep.

On a side note - a few weeks ago my LG monitor blacked out, figured it was just old so I switched to a Dell monitor for the time being, not sure if there’s a connection or if it even matters.

Now I didn’t try closing Firefox browser to see if monitor would still stay active while logged into Eve. I basically didn’t want to due to having in-game stuff to complete.

Other than that issue, in the past I’ve had no problems with having both Eve and Opera Web Browser active, I’m thinking that Opera and Eve somehow clash now, they both seem to be power hungry which might explain why the monitor goes into power save / sleep mode.

If the issue happens again with Firefox browser active, well I don’t know what to think. I will try being logged in with no browser active to see if the issue happens again. Course having access to a browser for 3rd party sites is very helpful when logged into the game.

If it will help I can post my computer stats if needed.

My eve doesn’t come back properly after my display port monitor comes back on too. I need to close eve and restart it.

It wants to transfer to the other monitor when the display port monitor is turned off manually and because it is a different resolution I think it stuffs it up.

@CCP_Fleebix Yes I’m still experiencing the issue.
@CCP_Darwin Thanks, I’ll try to do a bug report. The problem is though the graphics are so bad and the mouse is often not synced right to the size that pressing any menus doesn’t work well.

@DeMichael_Crimson I don’t think the game is putting mine into sleep mode, its just not recovering after it comes out of sleep mode.

For your case, if you have trouble using the in-game bug reporter, I suggest:

  1. Try to take a screenshot of the broken Eve session. On Windows 10, Windows-shift-S will let you do this. If you’re on a Mac, you can try command-shift-3.

  2. If you’re on Windows, run dxdiag and save the output. If you’re on the Mac, you can do the same thing with System Profiler. Instructions for both are here:

  1. Log in to bugs.eveonline.com and attach both the dxdiag/System Profiler output and the screenshot, and explain your problem.

Thanks so much for taking the time! I know that if you are frustrated about a bug it’s a lot to ask, but it really will help us with correcting the underlying problem.

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I just had the issue of monitor going into sleep / power save mode again after 5 minutes of being logged into Eve. This time I had Firefox browser active but it was minimized.

Now when my computer is shut down with apps active, it takes almost 5 minutes for it to recover before I can access / activate anything. By the time I re-log back into Eve it will be closer to 10 minutes so I don’t think submitting a bug report will show anything.

I’m going to try logging in again but with the Firefox browser open and see if the issue happens again.


Something in the recent Eve updates is causing the issue of monitor going into sleep / power save mode after 5 minutes of being logged into the game.

All power save / sleep options on computer and monitor have been disabled / set to ‘Never’.

It now happens with Firefox browser open. I’m going to try it with just the Opera browser open in the background and then if it happens again, try it with both Opera and Firefox open.

This is getting very annoying, especially since this account is subbed and can’t play the game.


With the Opera browser open the monitor stayed active and didn’t go into sleep / power save mode. However upon undocking after the black screen session change, the client was unresponsive / froze for the duration of the session timer, then later I got ‘Socket Closed’ disconnect.