Monitor turning off while in game fullscreen

(Ezra Endashi) #1

I have issue with my monitor going off while EVE is running. Do you have the same problem and can it be somehow solved?

My PC is set to never go to sleep or hibernate mode if idle but I set my monitor to go off after 10 minutes if PC is idle. And that works perfect, no issues with that basic functions.
In every single game I’ve ever played I never occurred monitor turning off while fullscreen game is running no matter if I leave the game in idle state.

But with EVE, no matter that game is running in fullscreen or windowed mode, my monitor goes off after 10 minutes of not moving mouse or pressing any keys. Can it be fixed without changing my monitor to never go off?

(Marqqs) #2

Check if u don`t have settings in monitor “power savings” or it could named different. If u have that could having that your monitor is shutting down :slight_smile:

(Ezra Endashi) #3

I checked my monitor settings, no power saving and no automatic sleep is set. I would say that problem is in the way how Windows and GPU driver sees EVE Online game client. Probably Windows don’t see it as “Game”. I don’t know is this is a bug or EVE game client is not coded right for that option, to never let PC or monitor go to sleep when idle.