Eve does not recover from idle after last patch

Don’t worry about whether you think the right data will be submitted. Just please submit an in-game bug report after this happens. 10 minutes to recover and relaunch the game should be no problem at all. We get a lot of data with such a submission and it’s all a lot more helpful than discussing it here.

If you absolutely cannot submit a bug report in-game, the alternative procedure I wrote up above is an alternative that would still help quite a bit.

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Are you talking about ‘Running dxdiag’ and attach that with a description of the monitor sleep / power save issue in a bug report?

I can do the out-of-game report, not sure if there’s enough time to do it in-game due to monitor going into sleep / power save mode.

Would it help to also have the LogLite option active in the Launcher?

If you can do it in game, great, if it just can’t happen, I understand! Please feel free to put my name in the bug report so it’s directed to me and I’ll pass it to the right people.

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It also occurs to me that this sounds like it might be a problem with the GPU drawing too much power. If that were an issue, you might find it helps to make sure (if not already the case) that you have Interval One set in your graphics settings.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll check to see if it’s selected.

I’ll try to do a bug report in-game. Guess I could also try logging in without the browsers open and see what happens.

I had a similar problem with my monitor blanking out (going to sleep?) after a few minutes in Eve. I had to turn off G-SYNC in Nvidia Control Panel to make it stop.

  1. Open Nvidia Control Panel
  2. Select Set up G-SYNC
  3. Uncheck Enable G-SYNC, G-SYNC Compatible
  4. Restart computer if it asks you to

I’m not sure how to do this in non-Nvidia cards (for whatever their equivalent of G-SYNC is). So far I’ve been playing a few days and my monitor hasn’t blanked out again.

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I have a Nvidia GeForce GT 440 Video card, opened the Nividia Control Panel and didn’t see anything about G-SYNC.