CCP Fix yer damn game

For 6-8 months now and getting worst controls dont do what I click or short key for them to do. Approach moves me away from my target not towards, Ranges are off, warping to other gates, things automatically firing off like warp disruption bubbles the list goes on.

I have bugged this. I have alliance mates having the same issues and we all cleared the damn cache. Since the past patch its become even worst!


Submit a support ticket if you’re getting those issues. You’re not going to get direct help from CCP regarding those on the forums.

Do you have any EBR numbers?



Submitted multiple support tickets and bug reports with the rest of the alliance.

You being useless is likely par the course for you.

No I doubt it. Not even sure what EBR means

Extra Boring Rants


I doubt thats the case if a CSM asked. But thank you for your useless banter as well.
F1 monkeys like you dont actually need to pilot a ship - Sheep.

Entitled Baby Rage?

I suppose it could be entitled seeing as how i pay to play the game and it decides to do its own thing. You seem to have come to the conclusion that whatever I type is not real and my own fault.

Well Smart guy - im not the only one seeing these effects and the bug reports are posted. So, try to be useful. People like you and the other shitlord are examples of why nothing useful gets done that actually fixes bugs in the game.

Sounds like pretty standard PEBKAC error symptoms tbh.

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Those are features. They are making the game so easy you don’t even have to fly your ship any more.

Same as the one between your eyes and brain since you apparently dont read very well.

Glitches? In my Eve?
It’s more likely than you think.

Bug report ID.


It could be my Keyboard. It is old and the guys that are experiencing it have been flying with me for many years as well. Could be a keyboard dying and i will try that since it seems other folks dont appear to be getting the same issues outside of some of my Alliance friends.

Are you sharing your keyboard with alliance mates?
Is that even allowed? Keyboard sharing?

What’s next? Hot-seat multiplayer?
That would be awesome!

hehe no, like I said many of us have been playing a long time together. could be they have similar issues. Far fetched, but never know.