Help me if can - very bugged

Since yesterday afternoon BOTH my account are bugged, i get error after trying to warp.

I cannot approach anything or align to anything properly either, the ship gains speed and goes side way. i have trouble stopping to.

I have waited for DT
I have re logged multiple time,
left system
docked and undocked
and cleared my cache too!

nothing help

Try this subforum.

Someone there my have had the same problem.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I also am having frequent disconnections where I have to open as many windows such as inventories, eve mail, industry, etc. Then it may or may not stop the disconnection.

Make a support ticket. The GM’s will help you.

I had the exact same thing happen few weeks ago.
I logged off and stayed away from the game for a couple days and I think there must have been a patch or something because 2 days later it worked fine.

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Yea I got a few bugs disappear after a couple of days as well. Don’t know if It was a patch that solved it or something else in my system after reboot.
Do you still hear the gate sound when you’re docked? That bug is gone for me.

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Please submit a trouble ticket so that the issue can be looked into properly.

That can be done here:

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No I do not. No bugs to report yet, chief o7

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