The random disconnect problems and how the game handles emergency warps

First, it’s absolutely terrible that the issue of random disconnects has still not been fixed after several months. I have an extremely stable and fast connection. I’m also constantly connected to my work network via VPN, so any general connection issue would instantly be noticeable because the VPN would be affected. But that never happens. It’s only EVE that disconnects, and I can always immediately reconnect. What gives?

The other issue is how the game handles warp when a disconnect happens - very poorly. When you do high-level PvE where you rely on remote reps, you have no chance. Because the game will warp out the ships, except of course the one that is scrammed by rats, which then inevitably dies.

I even tried bubbling myself so my ships don’t warp. That works, and local modules keep running… but remote reps switch off! Why?! The very least the game could do is keep those modules running so your ships keep repping each other while you’re reconnecting.

And make the emergency warp behavior configurable. Sure, mission runners in hisec will want their ship to warp out in case of a disconnect. But anyone who does sites where the rats scram, does not.


Out of curiosity, what has customer support said about this (ie. ticket)?

Have you done a route trace to see if you have a bad node between you and CCP that is responsible for the disconnects? 99% of intermittent service issues between point A and point B is actually something in between those end points.


I don’t waste my and CCP employees’ time by writing tickets about a known issue that has already been widely reported, even acknowledged by CCP, affects a large number of players and clearly has a root cause that is not specific to my individual connection.

Except CCP has asked people to please open tickets so they can do traces on their end to find the cause - if they don’t have a log of impacted players, they cannot assign extra tracking routines to monitor connection performance for those individuals to find out why that population is having issues but the vast majority of players are unaffected.


You’re making a mighty assumption that this is CCP’s issue and not an issue with you, your ISP, or the internet infrastructure between your ISP and CCP (or between your ISP and your VPN before utilizing your VPN’s privately owned infrastructure, or the connections between your VPN’s infrastructure to CCP).

This is not DDoS month. It would be best to file a ticket instead of claiming it is an empirical issue that “affects everyone”.


Please do as explained in this thread; while you/CCP may not be affected by the cause which were DDOS at the time that thread was posted:

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What definitely is within CCP’s control is how ships warp and modules behave when a disconnect happens, which is the main issue here.

That is an entirely different topic. “Blame CCP for disconnects” is unrelated to “what should happen when there is a client-side or server-side disconnect”

Also, please reference the above thread linked by ISD Sakimura.


That would be a request for changes in behavior at disconnect - Assembly Hall or Player Features & Ideas. In this case I would say Assembly Hall (for CSM to bring to CCP’s attention) is more suitable, because it is about raising awareness around impact of a system behavior that is inconsistent when disconnects occur, regardless of disconnect cause.


Specific ideas should probably go through peer review in Feature & Ideas before moving to Assembly Hall. CSM won’t do much with generic proposals like “CCP should change how they handle Client-side and Server-side disconnects” without fleshed out, readily agreed-upon suggestions. There is no evidence at this time to suggest OP’s experience affects a significant portion of the player base at this time (whereas it did a few months ago). CCP would have made a new announcement/post if this were the case.


if you rely on remote reps, you have another ship present, you could just fit a Scrambler/Disruptor on your logi ship in just such an occation. Yes/No?

Warp Scramblers/Disruptors will and have always prevented emergency warp regardless of the situation; now I’m not exactly sure if this is also the case for Bubbles of all kinds (deployables or not).

Even if you emergency warp away the ship will still remain in space, and can be probed, until any and all logoff timers have expired.


Yes I’ve been aware of that since about 2010. And that is fine. I don’t want the game to warp my ships out when they’re scrambled. I want it to keep my modules running so that I have a chance to relog and continue playing without my ships already having been killed because of a disconnect.

Local repairers keep running in case of a disconnect. My armor hardeners were still running when I relogged. Why not my remote armor repairers? Probably target locks are dropped when the client is disconnected. I realize different behavior would be abusable in pvp. But at least locks and activated modules on NPC’s should be maintained if the client does not currently have a capsuleer pvp logoff timer.

(For what it’s worth, I created a ticket with the tracert information.)

edit: Scramming your own ships wouldn’t help because those modules also deactivate upon disconnect. I even tested bubbling all my ships with a mobile warp disruptor. Then they stay on grid alright, but their remote modules still deactivate. So that would just ensure that all my ships die, not just one.

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What specific ideas do you have for client-side and/or server-side disconnect behavior changes?

My specific proposal would be: In case the cluster loses contact to the client unexpectedly, and if the client has no active capsuleer logoff timer, do not initiate emergency warp, maintain target locks, maintain all running modules. Keep this up for up to fifteen minutes. If the clients have not reconnected during that time, and have not received a capsuleer logoff timer, safely remove them from space.

That should eliminate most pve losses caused by technical issues rather than player error, while not help players to evade pvp. Like if I see I’m being combat-probed and just do a logoffski, the hostiles still have plenty of time to find me and give me a pvp timer.

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I think it would be better to investigate the causes for your disconnects, which seem only a very small percentage of player-base is affected by, and try to fix those issues. In my experience disconnects are rarely the fault of CCP, outside of DDoS attacks, or your ISP, but somewhere in between.

In my 11 years of playing EVE I’ve never really been disconnected, I’ve had the odd “Socket Closed” once in a while in the first few years of playing, but nothing as of late. Those DCs I’ve had have been issues with my Internet being “sort of” unstable or because I were playing over a WiFi connection (not recommended).

That is a multi-boxer issue. It’s unlikely to work as you imagine it would due to how the Non-capsuleer logoff timer works. This would also mean that your sentening all solo-players to death.

The easiest way to “save” your ships is to kill all scrambling NPCs first so that if you do get DC’d all your ships will be able to emergency warp. Would you really expect to come out unscaved after jumping blindly into the fire?

This may come as a harsh statement, but nonetheless true, if you know you may get random disconnects here and there, that is the risk you’re accepting by playing even if there is days/months between it happening.

I support that attitude in case of pvp. It’s better to allow a hundred ‘bad luck’ deaths from disconnects than giving players loopholes to evade a single legitimate pvp loss. I still remember the time when people could just logoffski as soon as they saw a new signature spawn in their wormhole and be totally safe because their ship would be removed from space even if they were being attacked.

But if no other player is involved, I think the game should do much more to keep the player’s ships safe in case of technical problems.

As for killing scramming rats first… that’s kinda hard to do when you fight a wormhole drifter that takes 15 minutes to kill :s

When was that? I do not recall that ever being possible. Sure people could just warp to a safe spot, if not scram’d, and logoff but even so if they still had a timer the ship would remain in space, as it still does. I’m pretty sure that that system has not changed in my many years of playing.

Seems to be a caveat emptor thing with multi-boxing. Seems going a bridge too far trusting reps to another ship entirely. Why shouldn’t this request be seen as providing a crutch to someone who has entrusted reps to a second ship allowing the primary ship to be under tanked and over-rigged for offense (or salvage?)

Seems game mehanics aren’t obliged to accommodate every escapade all players might attempt. EVE’s emergency response, even if a DC isn’t their fault, has always been commendable. Where legitimate problems have appeared they’ve made efforts to improve. Might be players can push a circumstance to a point where if something slips it’s their cross to bear.

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Are you serious? Hard not :-1:

I guarantee you CSM/CCP would not give the the time of day.

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