The random disconnect problems and how the game handles emergency warps

If you logged off before someone could aggress you, you remained in space for a maximum of 15 minutes even if someone aggressed you afterwards. Which generally was not enough time for the hunters to find you and apply enough damage before your ship was removed from space, in case of ratting dreadnoughts.

About that I’m certain, but I also seem to remember that in an even more distant past (around 2009-2010), you could actually not receive a pvp timer at all if you had logged out before getting one. Meaning that logging out was safe even if someone scrammed you two seconds after your logoff. They’d then only have the usual one minute to kill you, or your ship would be safely removed.

Yes, then when you open a ticket, and even submit logs for the information that the gm requests, they then simply say “oh it must be something outside our network because the info you sent is saying our network is fine” when I ALSO have a very reliable and fast connection and eve is the only program that has issues.

So, essentially, they do nothing.

I suspect the issue is actually connected to their defense against DDoS attacks. A normal disconnect is usually preceded by hickups, lags and sluggish gameplay. And you normally can’t immediately reconnect. These disconnects however come totally out of the blue, and I can always reconnect immediately. It feels like I was kicked by the server. Like an over-aggressive security system being triggered by something harmless.

Also I often use just one client to watch a system, scan or scout, and I’ve often been connected for 12+ hours without any disconnects. They always seem to happen when I’m using multiple clients and actually issueing a lot of commands. I guess with multiple active clients there is a greater chance that the anti-DDoS measures will falsely detect a threat.

You’re being reductive here.

The internet is not made up of simply your home network and CCP’s infrastructure. You may have an amazing connection to your ISP, why shouldn’t you?

But there are many servers relaying communication between you and the game.

CCP will and do take responsibility and reimburse players for losses when it’s their end that is at fault, but there are many, many points of failure after CCP before reaching your computer and CCP won’t take responsibility for any issue on that route.

They aren’t being dismissive or neglectful. The problem wasn’t on their network. This isn’t some expressio unio est exclusio alterius situation. Because they aren’t accepting responsibility for this disconnect does not mean they are blaming you.

The disruption of service could be anywhere.

random disconnects are intense and continue to be
yesterdays graph clearly shows multiple instances where Tranq dropped hundreds of users momentarily. It has been happening ever since at least June, or perhaps even May.


Looks like CCP is not capable of fixing this issue. That’s what needs to be addressed, rather than adjusting warp issue. These disconnects are devastating to Abyss players. I have had 3 today in 2 hour period

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As you see yesterday we had at least 2 mass drop events. Today graph appears to be relatively smooth, however that doesn’t mean there are no disconnects, just not as massive, like i said above, i had 3 today.

Not all mass disconnects are traceable to CCP. Most partial disconnect events (where not all players are impacted) are not likely to be CCP-side, in fact. The internet as a whole has been under an incredibly larger load in the last six months, and a lot of the internet infrastructure is actually pretty old. Sometimes stuff bottlenecks or breaks in between players and CCP, due to issues at one of the handoff nodes along the way from their ISP and CCP - and that will impact a portion of the population without impacting everyone, while being entirely outside of CCP control. All it takes is one DNS route going sideways for a lot of things to be impacted (see Cloudflare’s recent outage that impacted some connections with CCP - but not all of them.)

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more disconnects today


IP networks are resilient and should retry packets that are lost due to in-between communication issues. Packets are not recoverable only if disconnects are caused by endpoints (most of the time). The fact that user can relog right away shows that it is not caused by bad/intermittent connection. Especially when you have hundreds of users dropped at the same time.
Smartbutts attempting to post their opinions in defense of CCP should know a thing or 2 about networking.

try this test:
Start Eve, and disable your network card ( if wired pull out your ethernet cable )
Start clock.

You will see that it will take at least 10 seconds or more for Eve to drop connection. All that time it retries the IO.

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the issue still exist i’m getting kicked like 8 times an hour and my net runs fine. game companies always try to say its something else but when i’m getting a current key not valid that means one thing there’s a problem with them the key they use to let you in game isnt staying active and that is definitely a ccp problem not a network problem. instead of trying to blame anything but the problem try fixing it. obviously the security key for login is corrupting somehow. at least via steam users. not sure if players non steam are having same issue login to your account check recent activity. if it says key no longer valid thats why your getting kicked

Your current access token is invalid is what it will say. explain that away on a network. seeing as thats has nothing to do with network

Nobody said all disconnect causes are the same.

If you are having a steam launcher client issue, make sure your client is up to date, and that you have recently cleared local storage - sometimes files get corrupted during updates, especially around major patches, and the 18.10 patch absolutely had launcher issues. If the disconnects persist with that error after verifying your launcher is up to date and clearing the local cache, open a bug via the Support site to give CCP as much information as possible to track down what is going wrong.