[FIX]Uncontrollable ship aligning vertically or constantly turning [FIX]

Hello, all.

I have been plagued by this issue of my ship very suddenly aligning directly up, directly down, or just aligning to a new point every second along the ecliptic, resulting in my ship orbiting a random point in space.
Much as described in this locked thread: Ship constantly spinning in the same location on all 8 accounts. HELP!

A solution has been found! And I hope it works for many of you.

Apparently, koysticks, game controllers, and sometimes just keyboard interaction glitches can result in the game thinking we are holding down one of the manual navigation buttons, defaulted to the 4 arrow keys of the keyboard, which also exist in the numpad depending on if Num Lock is active. I have found that clicking through the arrow keys, removes the uncontrollable flight issue, and I suspect that if we simply unbound those keys we will not experience those issues anymore.

I will be doing that, and will update if that fails to resolve my own issues, if you don’t hear from me, know that I am flying in full control of my ship, and can finally chase people through nullsec with the confidence that I will not very suddenly nose dive and lose point on anyone else.

Good luck out there!

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