Server Issues Again?

Laggy and I’m showing a toon still logged in this system that I logged out a half hour ago.



Don’t be a noob!

It’s a pilot.

Bug on my part, looks like. I had to log out of all 3 accounts, exit the launcher, and restart everything.

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Most definitely something a wow player would come up with!

Even with all that, that one toon still shows to be offline, even though it’s sitting right next to me.

I sometimes see pilots of mine logged on yet they show offline in my contacts list and while that may not be the same issue you currently experience, when that pilot in question is seen in the Corp channel I see the pilot with the red circle instead of the green.

/trading in station is not an issue though when warping my fleet that pilot sometimes doesn’t accept fleet warp.

Maybe it’s a bug leftover from the days of Crimewatch. Forever lost in the Legacy spaghetti code…

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Yes…I tried to log in earlier and got some sort of ‘wrong port’ type message, though I was able to log in a few minutes later.

That’s the issue I was having. It wouldn’t accept a fleet invite even though it was right next to me. Said that pilot is offline and can’t accept fleet request.

Might use that pilot to go do something stupid. If the game doesn’t even think I’m online, might not even lose anything.

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See if you are able to shield rep to see if the range is correct.

My Cerebral Accelerator has reset back to 50h.
A bug in my favor? I’se like it.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smiling_imp: :popcorn:

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There is nothing wrong with Local Chat.
There have never been any problems with local chat.
AWS servers are really good.
Outsourcing chat 5 years ago has been flawless.
Nothing to see here.
comical ali


I had 15 characters logged in and two or three at a time would log themselves out. Pretty annoying as I require some of them to be in a specific order. On restart they move to the back of the line.

Also… since the last update the start menu takes forever to initialize. Used to be seconds. Now it’s a minute or so.

So something’s up with the game, for sure.